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Introducing Ollie-D ... and thank you

Hi friends,

My journal posts are few and far between these days, so little time to do everything I’d wish, but I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who has commented and faved my work over the past months, it means a lot to me.

Also, I would like to introduce you to my adopted niece, Ollie-D, who is new to Redbubble and just beginning her journey in Art. She is a very talented young woman, and a lovely person too! I would so appreciate it if you would drop by and visit her Portfolio, and add your comments to her work. I know when I was starting out it really motivated me when people noticed what I was doing … and indeed, it still does :)

And finally, my delighted thanks to the recent buyers of the following products, I’m incredibly grateful for your wonderful…

Open Letter to all Australians ...

My apoligies for making a political statement on RB, but I just cannot stay silent any longer

I’m just an average Australian. I’m a swinging voter and have no affiliations to any political party. I voted for the current government because I hoped they would handle our tax money more wisely than the previous mob. I was wrong.

Let me tell you a story about two people I know well. To respect their privacy, I’ll call them Bob and Marg.

Bob was born in Australia during the Second World War to a couple of ordinary battlers who worked hard and did without to educate their three children. They were proud when Bob left school at 15 with his 3rd year High School Certificate to work in a hardware store. Bob was proud too. He had a good job and he paid his parents rent at the end of…

September Highlights/Thank you

Dear friends,

In a year that has not been one of my best, September has lifted my spirits and given me the kick in the pants I needed to begin creating again. I am so grateful to the wonderful Group Hosts who have featured my work this month and to all my fabulous bubble friends for your all your awesome comments and support.

A big thank you to Deborah Downes who recently bought not one, but three Peace and joy cards.
If you haven’t already, please drop by and take a stroll through Deborah’s delightful washing line images and ancient Italian village landscapes.

Thanks also to the anonymous buyers of


Huge thanks to Rhonda and Polly for the very great honour of choosing me for Artist for the Month of September
in the Altered by Imagination Group.

And another big thank yo…



Sunshine and laughter
by ChrisArmytage


   Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to exhibit in SoJie 12. SoJie 12 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 12th one, ever, and 120 other members of the Solo Exhibition group, besides myself, are represented.

This exhibition is based on a workshop, in which I participated, where member artists translated member photographers’ images to traditional art medium.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on August 31st, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as me

Your Invitation to an Exhibition by Carol Knudsen

It is my absolute pleasure to invite you to an online Exhibition,
“Emotions of Life”, an eclectic expression of the emotions of life, by Carol Knudsen now open on my website ChrisArmytage Photographic Art

Just Click on the banner below to go directly to Carol’s exhibition

Please tell your friends – come and celebrate Carol’s extraordinary talent by viewing her sensitive and beautiful work, then leave a message in the Guestbook to show Carol your appreciation of her amazing art, or you can comment on Carol’s Journal here.

Wishing you all happy viewing and a wonderful weekend.

♥ Chris ♥

New blog, Sunshine and Laughter and time out!

Hi everybody, just a note to let you know I’m taking a few days off to organise Carol Knudsen’s upcoming exhibition on my website.

I’m over the moon about Tahnja’s finished painting of my photograph “Sunshine and Laughter” for the SoJie 12 Exhibition, it’s just beyond beautiful!

You can see Tahnja’s finished painting here

And, if you’d like to read more about that and other stuff, please have a look at my new Blog Here

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see you again soon :)x

Exciting news and Features Gallery June 2011

First of all the exciting news:

Sunshine and laughter” has been accepted for the Sojie 12 Photographer/Artist Challenge and will be painted by Tahnja, a wonderfully talented artist who I’m sure will create a fabulous painting from my photograph. I am so delighted to have an artist of such calibre choose my work.

SoJie 12 will be held in August. If you would like to see the Works In Progress, please visit the Solo Exhibition Forum here

Also, following on the great success of Rick Bransby’s exhibition, I have been working with Carol Knudsen to present an exhibition of her wonderfully sensitive work which she has titled “Emotions of life”.

In My Friend, I Find A Second Self….
by Carol Knudsen

The exhibition will open on my website on 16 July. I …