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I am the repository of a great many stories, some I will carry to my grave & many I will share to honour those who shared them with me.
I hope I make a positive contribution

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You already?

Quietly beavering away / As in my routine, day to day / Life’s urgencies held sway / Til THE visitor came to play.

The Trauma Teacher

A flash was all that moment took / A smell, a touch, a sound, a look? / Now I am back in fear’s embrace / I will never escape this place

Armageddon’s drummers

I heard a beat from that distant drum / So wondered then how far we’d come / The call to war was strong & loud / But buried then …

Armagedon’s Drum

The call to war was strong & loud / I heard a beat from that distant drum / But buried then beneath a crowd / So wondered then how far …

A Golden Art

I saw today some golden art / That brought me tears & raised my heart / It was not crude, offensive or profane / But made me think &…

The Best of Us

A spark against the rising storm / Affirmative divergence from the norm / Lies at the heart, the best of us / That justifies the rest of us

The numbing silence

Our freedom has with blood been bought / Remember Satan hides where he’s not sought / As fashions rise & empires fall / To be free, we …
Port Douglas evening tide by chris51

Well OK

He had heard the sounds of silence / He had seen the deeds of men / He had lived a life in times / That may be never seen again

A pun or progression?

Renovation = > / Recreation? / Wreck creation? / Re- creation?

A Good Day

Enough of deep & dark presence / Darkness with no defence / There is no need to struggle, strive / The sun shines today & I’m alive

Playing in the Mud

From the Dust we do arise / We return to dust at our demise