Use Your Imagination by choodie Who is She? Who is she? / She does not know Sensations These are the sensations / Employed / To stop the pain of feeling The Chameleon It’s easier than feeling / Learning / Finding out who she really is Barren by choodie A Night Out With The Girls by choodie A Night Out With The Girls (Erotic Content) (Mature) The Goddess of Evil Pleasures (Mature) Consciousness (Mature) Waiting to Meet You by choodie The Long Walk It’s time to make the step / One foot in front of the other / The Long Walk / Towards a life / Free from Anxiety’s restraints. Forbidden Fruit To bite into the glorious flesh / Exposing your core / Feeling our juices mix / In an act as old as time itself Bound by Desire We have both been stripped bare and are bound by this desire / Dwelling in this moment / And the promises of things to come The Special Project revisted and Refined I love teasing her this way knowing the effect it has and just quietly, it makes me rather excited to know I can make her squirm. Serenity in Purple by choodie What Did I Tell You???? by choodie Golden Silhouette by choodie A Home Among The Gum Trees by choodie Walking Through The Bardos by choodie Jaded By Life by choodie Cold Water I leant against the wall / As the cold water / Soothes the white hot heat and scorching / Caused by your touch and tender moments shared … A Walk In The Valley You wander down the long road / Marvelling in the curves and crevices / Glancing over imperfection / Leaving your mark upon the hills /… Let’s Review This You say im kind, sensitive, tender / I see selfish, selfcentred, and hard / You say im pretty, sexy, funny / Are we looking at the same pe… Early Morning Watchers by choodie Frustration I see you every day, / Take in your beautiful pale skin, blue eyes, chestnut red hair. / I daydream while listening to you speak wishing … A Smile Curves My Mouth (Mature) An Open Letter to My Mind I’ve done all the hard yards, walked down the road of therapy and learnt the ways and means of making you happy and less disfunctiona… Thunderous Calm by choodie Bursting Emotion by choodie Release Me Its time for drastic measures. A tried and true remedy / I walk to the bathroom and run a hot bath. I know the hot water will counteract an… The Special Project Revisited She began to grow uncomfortably damp as a cascade of memories flooded through her Pleasure………….Interrupted (Mature) My Gift To You My gift to you this year / You wont find under the tree Have You Been A Good Girl Today? I think you need to sit in the naughty chair. / Watch me give pleasure / To myself alone / Slowly, loudly, forcefully / Will you like that?… I Lie There Waiting… (Mature) Merry Aussie Christmas by choodie The Special Project (Mature) I Think You Like This (Mature)