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The Score: Nazi 284 - Hitler 179

Redbubble Still has over 450 works tagged with Hitler or Nazi.
What’s Up with That?
Hitler Artwork Tags
Nazi Artwork Tags
It’s time to remove ALL the antisemitism.


  • Lori Peters
    Lori Petersabout 3 years ago

    I agree, Chip. The swamp must be drained.

  • Thanks Lori!
    I’m hoping RB will take the initiative on this, otherwise I’ll have to ask for a group of individuals to place a mass amounts of complaints on the individual works.

    – Charles McFarlane

  • Anne Gitto
    Anne Gittoabout 3 years ago

    I also agree, I can’t understand people who hate.

  • Me neither Anne.

    – Charles McFarlane

  • Barssel
    Barsselabout 3 years ago

    With all due respect Charles a beautiful portrait of Anne Frank is hardly antisemitic

  • You are absolutely correct.
    That is why I said we should remove all the antisemitism, not all of those 450 pieces.
    It just so happens that most antisemitic works have Nazi or Hitler tags and are easy to find in those groupings.
    The right thing for RB to do is finish removing the antisemitic works, instead of removing a token artist’s works, and saying the job is done.

    – Charles McFarlane

  • Barssel
    Barsselabout 3 years ago

    Sorry Charles but that is not what I understood. I imagine you would also want any Pol Pot, Stalin and all the other despots also removed to be fair?

  • Seriously I don’t know why anyone would like to honor mass murderers.
    My main concern is with the current rise of Neo-Naziism and antisemitism, there is just cause to not add fuel to this fire.

    – Charles McFarlane