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Hipster Harry has left the building.

The character that I’ve been developing “Hipster Harry” (based upon Harry Truman) has left the building.

He has served his purpose of exposing certain humor for what it really is.

His purpose was to show that there is no humor in the holocaust. It is in response to the Neo-Nazi movement that is re-emerging across the globe. Attempts to satire and parody this time in history are desensitizing the populous to the horrors of that time. The dichotomy of hipster humor, mixed with past reality, emphasizes the direness of the prior situation and times; as compared to the jovial attitude of today.

Hopefully he will not need to return.

Hopefully I can get back to bashing Obama and other fun political stuff, and not have to ask Harry to return.

Redbubble has decided that it’s time to moderate a range of controversial work on the site related to portrayals of Hitler, the Holocaust and related events.
I wholeheartedly agree.

I’m also hoping all Hitler and Nazi material will be gone, we shall see.

In good faith, carry on.

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