Fractals, for a Change

I’ve uploaded some fractal images I made some years ago. I have enjoyed getting back to this type of design work. I’m waiting on some film to come back from the developer, plus I’m having trouble seeing my current pictures properly…i.e., I’m not inspired, so going away from them for a while may help me to see them differently when I view them again.

Feels good to be learning by doing. I’m learning more about how to do fractal images, and image manipulation, in various programs by using my own work with the goal of uploading it to the web. I’m not too sure I can cope with the mathematical formula side of this fractal thing, though. I do know that if I really, really want to create something I will learn what it takes most of the time. Eventually!

Anyway, Amazing Seattle Fractals has lots of info and some links to various fractal programs. If you like you can visit and have a go yourself. It is lots of fun, once you get the hang of it!

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  • Julie Everhart