Learning from Others

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs recently and on one of them I read that someone was dissatisfied with the number of views and comments received. A few tips were given in the comments and I have taken on board one of them today: to add more tags to each of my images. (I can’t remember who or where, unfortunately, but I’ll give you the credit if it comes back to me. Sorry!)

This gets easier the more you do it and a great help for when I can’t think of a tag is to read the existing comments and see whether any of those contain words that can be used as tags. I have already added extras to five or six photos. I was surprised at how many more I came up with than I did initially.

I shall keep on reviewing the tags in My Bubble and add more or remove some as time goes by. But thanks to those comments I now have some more to go by when I’m adding my pics. Hopefully it will help more people find my work.

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