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Back from SA

Well, back from South Australia. What a place!

I have checked out the photos I took with my digital camera and although most of them are okay, I’m still not happy with the resolution. Is it a better camera I need?

I also got a spot of water on the lens and took some shots without knowing it was there. Rats! I had an Xd card error, too, and it looks like I will have lost some of the photos I took. Luckily, I used my analog camera as well, duplicating some shots where I could. I also killed my mobile phone with water that leaked into my bag from my drink bottle. How on earth did I forget to tighten the cap properly? Must have been all the excitement about going off on holidays for a week. It was really great, but I still need to get the analog photos developed, so it might be a while before I get any of the pics up on Redbubble.

Meanwhile, I have enhanced and cropped and otherwise manipulated a few of some older shots. I was not happy with these as they were and now that I have changed them they say more to me than they did before. As if some underlying or parallel aspect to the pics has been revealed now.

It’s been great to relax and get away from my creative work for a while. It always works when I get stuck!

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