I take photos in my spare time. The photos on my corner of this site have been taken over a number of years using both film and digital cameras. I like to work in both black and white and colour. I also like to write poetry now and again, do collage and experiment with fractals.


I have some calendars available to buy.

Scenes Through a Lens

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Warm and Blue

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My First Ever Studio

For the first time in a while, I am actually looking forward to moving. Because I am finally the proud owner of my very own studio space! It’s taking up a third of our shed and has lots of light. / My partner and a wonderful handy-person we employed have been very good with making it work for me. But I didn’t know it would be so time-consuming to make all those little decisions about …
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10 Favourite Creative Pursuits

In no particular order of preference: / 1. Decoupage / 2. Collage / 3. Cooking / 4. Pottery / 5. Knitting / 6. Crochet / 7. Sewing / 8. Photography / 9. Digital art / 10. Printmaking
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Pottery ponderings

Hm, I’m working towards a joint exhibition with my other classmates in pottery school. It will be my first ever exhibition and it happens in January. Items for inclusion have size restrictions as they will be displayed in a glass case at a local library. I have made some planters with interesting textures on them which also reflect my soul, I think, in that it is many-layered and faceted. I…
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A Win at the Show!

Ooh, I feel v. good today. I’ve won First Prize for one of my photos at a local Agricultural Show. Iron Fence at Sunset was my choice for my first ever entry into one of these competitions. Thanks so much to those of you who viewed and gave comments on this work. Yay! :-))) And thanks to my partner, too, for his support. Gawd, I sound like I’ve just won an Academy Award but it’…
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