Firstly, I’m a tea junkie. Like seriously … I love it.

What to say … ? I mean, there is the usual “I have been shooting for around seven years …” stuff and the “many clients spanning various style and types …” things and other bits like “[insert something else cool about being an experienced self-taught photographer]”, but is that what I need to say? Really?

Hmn, well yeah, maybe …

Ever since I started taking pictures, for myself, of anything that would catch my eye, to the hugely more complex fully planned shoots involving multiple light set-ups, props and a model or two, I can honestly say I have loved every step and moment along the way.

Photography has been fascinating, entertaining and educating me every day since I took my first picture.

I love photography. Simple. Clear. True.

I think about light, the way it behaves, reflects, shines, bounces and diffuses off all the things around us. The relationships between it, my subject, their suroundings and my camera. To understand light, and how it works, is key to photography.

So there you have it … some straight ramblings from my brain to this profile. (ok, copy’n’pasted from my site)

Sit back, take a drag, drink some tea …


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