Chicken Sashimi Designer T-Shirts offer unique styles, silly characters and obscure references that are sure to get the attention of every geek, gamer and retro-fan.

All designs are available on a variety of products, including Hoodies, long sleeve tees, v-necks, girlie-tees and even kids and baby clothes!

Simply click the Buy/Preview button on the design of your choice in order to configure a design/product combination that suits your needs.

Call of Duty Gamers will love the t-shirts that pay homage to one of the best and most frantic shooter franchises on the market today! Represent your favorite kill-streak reward or share common annoyances with ironic designs that are sure to bring a smile to even the most jaded gamers.

Photographers can expose their photo-geek cred by donning designs that make subtle nods to obscure camera terms and techniques. Hotshoes, bokeh and f-stops are all fair-game with these dslr-centric tees.

Even Scuba-Divers get some love with these scuba-centric designs. Look great on the dive boat with a Cenotes Tee or a Great Atmosphere Hoodie.

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