Sound, Body, Broken and Rendered

Tonight I dreamt I was driving down a two-lane highway. It was on toward dusk and my car was pointed in the direction of a pink and orange sky. I was driving slow, marveling at the changing color display.

I see him lying on the side of the road, naked and undone. I stop the car of course, the headlights like a large muted flashlight blankets the scene. Leaves, bits of dirt and scratches are scattered across the terrain of his skin. Beneath the grime, I see that he is beautiful. Tall, broad-shoulders, olive skin. He is on his stomach and my eyes are drawn to his ass cheeks. They are luscious…like a dancers but with more supple flesh. Each cheek with a slight dimple to the right and left of his tailbone. I want to strap the body of this wild creature to the hood of my car and take him home with me? I think.

As with many dreams, in the next instant we are there. Him laying atop my four poster bed, asleep or unconscious, I’m not sure which and the rapid beating of my heart in its breastbone tells me it doesn’t matter. I am gentle, at first. Tending to his wounds, I lick the dry earth from his skin. He is salty and his skin feels like velvet burnout. He shifts a bit causing ripples in the sheets made of jersey silk like the kind from an old worn t-shirt. I brush all the leaves away and take several lengths of black satin rope and tie both wrists and ankles to the four posts. He is a wild, damaged creature I say to myself. I have to be careful, for his own sake, as much as mine.

I sit in a chair at the side of the bed and watch as he twitches in his sleep, slight moans and an occasional quick intake of breath. Perhaps he is re-living whatever happened to him on that long road.

I can’t watch him for long, a hot current of need to explore his still form is too intense to deny. So I get up to run my fingers through his chest hair and flick the fingerprint of my thumb over both of his nipples…just enough to tease them into hard bullets.

My tongue is shaking as I carve a hot wet circle around his aureola, draw the taut nipple between my teeth and bite, hard, hard enough for him to stir, open his eyes and look at me. His eyes are midnight and speak to me in tantric waves. With my voice breaking along power lines, I whisper something soothing in his ear…I don’t want him pulling at the bindings just yet. I bring my lips to hover a hairs breath above his mouth and linger there for a long dark moment, so that we can breathe into each other.

We are both panting now and I know that he is rigid and ready for me. A dusky involuntary moan escapes my mouth, I’ve never been with a creature like this before and my body aches for it. I rise above him and straddle his hips…his pelvic bone staggering the insides of my thighs. I reach down and take his cock fully inside of me. At first I cannot move, I am alone with the hard thrum and feel of him inside me.

Then, with thighs quivering…all the air in my lungs leap out with a need to sway above him like a shuddering fast tango. So I do. I move above him, I move him in and out of me like a master dancer. His arms and legs tense, neck veins in havoc as he strains against the rope. He wants to touch me.

I am surrounded by the heat rising off his body like liquid steam. It swirls in the air and burns my flesh. His voice is low and guttural. He is bucking from the violent need to touch me. I am moving and thrusting above him with complete abandon, lost in the discovery of my own pleasure. My ears are ringing within a vortex of thrashing and thrusts and panting. I cannot get enough, he cannot fill me enough. I will take him…over and over and over until he is a shell of skin and bone and sinewy muscle. My hair is a slick mess clinging to my face, my shoulders, my tits. And still I ride him, a hard rhythm of movement. His body is my catalyst, my savior. His chest heaves in time to mine. We are one mass of limbs and motion…blissful, decadent and dirty in our fucking.

My head tilts backwards, back towards the ceiling, towards the beginning of time – I spread my knees wider, pulling my body down to take him deep, deeper into me, into the depths of every fire that has ever cascaded over skin. Only then do I harness my orgasm, as an ultimate gift, and release it fully into his mouth. My tongue entwined with his like an arrow of greed, I let the strength of my shudder tear asunder and vanquish all oxygen in the room. His own release break walls and sound barriers and opens heaven itself.

We amass like that together…until I am no longer above him, until we are lying next to each other, tangled, spent, language lost. Just two limp gasping creatures…with eyes toward the sky, reaching out to each other and toward another broken dawn.

© 2008 CherryCake

Sound, Body, Broken and Rendered by 

A very vivid dream no doubt inspired by some of the blessedly lurid images I’ve seen here on redbubble. This dream was hot and nasty and delicious and I wish with EVERY BIT OF ME I could say it was true…

Not for the faint of heart


  • Watertoy
    Watertoyover 6 years ago

    I think that was me lying on the side of the road. :))

  • mmm, grrrrrrr – well then, I have to thank you, my toy.

    – CherryCake

  • Brynn
    Brynnover 6 years ago

    Why doesn’t stuff like that ever happen to me!? LOL Good and to the point, well done=)

  • brynn…yes, it was a FANTASTIC dream! wouldn’t mind it being in real-life either…thank you so much for reading!!

    – CherryCake

  • silverdollar
    silverdollarover 6 years ago

    Bloody Hell……………………….

    Amazingly filthy- well done!

  • filthy indeed, yes!

    Thank you VERY much!

    – CherryCake

  • DarkHotel2
    DarkHotel2over 6 years ago

    …you menatlly intrigue me… LOVE THAT! You are one speciall indiviual CherryCake… love the way you taste life throough your words!

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evansover 6 years ago

    LOL You had me at the third paragraph my huntress :-)
    Awesome work.
    Suddenly I have no room in these jeans lol

  • George Lenz
    George Lenzover 6 years ago

    this was totally enjoyable….i love the details… too bad you had to wake up..:-)

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 6 years ago

    A little more realistic then my wet dream, but with you in this it is way hotter…

  • Mtn, I’m glad you like the story mtn. are you referring to a specific wet dream, or just in general?

    – CherryCake

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 6 years ago

    The one in my writing… : )

  • VelvetGirl
    VelvetGirlover 6 years ago

    I have dreams like this but nobody believes me. Honest. Thank heavens I’ve found someone else who does…..I love the details, I think the whole thing is utterly delicious. Uninhibited, wild and crazy, superb and……I could just go on and on. Please don’t ever stop titillating the imagination…muhahaha!! And to think I found RB by mistake!

  • well, glad you found RB and also that you enjoy my writing (of course, I’m totally biased…cuz its me). More to come, I promise. And I’ve added you to my watchlist as well (wink wink).

    – CherryCake

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