I am a Canadian female living very happy in Ingonish NS, where I made two wonderful discoveries. I have met the most wonderful man in the world and I am an artist who is
very easily inspired everytime I look in my back yard and see the mountains and I also see whales swimming in the ocean! I’ve always face painted children adults or whoever would let me but recently I have been painting walls,rocks and where
ever I can express the creativity of beauty. I love painting winter scenes and oceans.I cannot stop..it is soooul fulfilling!

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I am here but I am not

thats how i feel . I started excited about RB but I do not feel like a participant..Is it because I don\t understand or because my work is not good enuff…i mull around in here looking for direction..help…but then i cannot find where i posted the question..comment…just like here now …i type all this …why? ..I will never see any responses..i won’t find this again…
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what I would do

Ronni first i\d like to thank you for this opportunity. I think it’s a wonderful idea and I am also grateful you prompted me to utilize other wonderful capabilities red bubble offers / other than UPLOAD. I bet all the moderators are grateful to you as well. I am glad I learned how to journal…now your really in for it LOL. / Honestly I would LOVE to be picked as it is a need but as …
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