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Cheri Perry

Cheri Perry

Rock Stream, United States

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I Am Finally Going to Be Paid!

Earlier, late summer, I was asked to bring some of my work in to a local store (on consignment) to sell my photos of some of the local hot spots. I am so excited and getting things together and ready. The store is only open during the summer months since that is when our tourists come as well as for the local races at the Watkins Glen Nascar Race Track. So that will all begin around April 2009.

As well as, just recently (a week or so ago), I stopped at the local Antique Mercantile in Montour Falls, NY to do a bit of Christmas shopping and I got to talking to the owner. She wants me to do some photos, vintage style, and bring them in. She wants to put up an area with photos and frames (antique/vintage style) and would like me to do some of our local hot spots as well. She is open all year round and will buy them as soon as I get them to her.

I am so excited. I am working hard on getting a stock supply going of some of the shots I already have. As soon as we get some of that white stuff during winter, I will go out and get some shots of it. Otherwise I really have to wait until spring to start shooting again. All the falls are frozen, trees are bare and the sky is dull gray so….not the best time to shoot. :) I’m just anxious and want to get out there and get some shots. lol Come on weather….give me something to work with. lol

Just wanted to share as I am excited about it all. My first paying photography Wow! Who would have ever guessed this about 3-4 years ago prior to me starting to really get into digital photography. I’m growing up!!! hehe!

So if anyone has any suggestions or help they might want to offer, I’m open to any and all that I can get. I am still working on the vintage/antique look. Also, I do not often do “hot spots” but just capture a moment I might be in and find a shot. So taking shots of those populated spots will be new for me. If you have any suggestions as to how to compose, capture, etc. those places where there is normally people walking around and in your shot, or how to compose a photo of a local B&B, hotel, etc. I am open to ALL suggestions. Thanks so much for any help you might have to offer.


  • kalaryder
    kalaryderabout 6 years ago

    Well done, a rare chance. Hoep it goes well for you and you make both fame and fortune

  • Thank you so much kalaryder….I appreciate the encouraging words. Not sure about the fame & fortune but a couple bucks would be

    – Cheri Perry

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekabout 6 years ago

    WOW AND CONGRATS CHERI!!! Sounds like 2 great opportunities!!

  • Thank you so much Steph. Much appreciated…I am excited for sure.

    – Cheri Perry

  • Nancy Stafford
    Nancy Staffordabout 6 years ago

    that fantastic.. i hope all goes well.. and you make a few cool millions
    one suggestion is maybe find something that not made anymore.
    but them in black and white.. maybe in sepia.. there was an image i did awhile back
    but never put it on redbubble .. i took a photo of a boy in a fishing outfit. near a cabin.
    in black and white infared sepia and made it look really old.. you can do that in photoshop as well… just a thought…

  • Thanks so much for the great suggestion Nancy. I didn’t think about infrared, but was thinking the Orton Effect and trying along with the b&w and sepia. I will try the infrared too. Thanks so much for your help. Hugz!

    – Cheri Perry

  • Teresa Zieba
    Teresa Ziebaabout 6 years ago

    Good luck with your sales in both stores. Wonderful news.

  • Thanks teresa…I appreciate it so much. Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry

  • Judith Winde
    Judith Windeabout 6 years ago

    Cheri, that doesn’t surprise meat all, because I KNOW how how good your work is!! Congratulations, my friend!! You totally deserve this wonderful opportunity, and I hope that ths venture turns out to be very profitable for you. WTG!! Judy

  • Thanks so much Judy! You’ve always been my best critique and biggest supporter. I appreciate all you’ve ever done and said to encourage me. Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry

  • jesika
    jesikaabout 6 years ago

    This is very wonderful news. I am so very pleased for you and hope (expect) you will be a great success and then we can all say we knew you before you were famous. LOL
    very well done, it’s tremendous news.

  • LOL Thanks Jesika. I’m not sure about the famous part, but I appreciate the encouraging words. Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry

  • Dayonda
    Dayondaabout 6 years ago

    Congratulations! You must be doing something right.
    If you can, learning how to matte pics yourself will pay for itself quickly,
    and so will learning to use trim boards (antique-looking) to make frames.
    If there’s a big arts and crafts store, they might have somebody who will teach you.
    Surprisingly, so might a hardware store teach you to make frames.
    Don’t put your photo or print right up against glass. Use one or two mattes to hold it off the glass, as well as help draw attention to your photo.
    Use non-glare glass, safety glass if you can get it, and have the glass store show you how to cut glass without becoming a human sacrifice.
    That’s all I can think of right off the bat.
    Good on ya!

  • Thanks so much Dayonda…what great suggestions. My hubby said he would make some frames up for me to help out. But I like the idea of making them myself as he doesn’t move as fast as I do and doesn’t get to it when I want it…lol I will check our stores (that aren’t very close to get to, but will travel to see) and see what they have to offer. :) Thanks again for the suggestions and Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry

  • Squealia
    Squealiaabout 6 years ago

    Woooooooooooo HOooooooooooooo marvelous, how exciting

  • Thanks Squealia….yes I am very excited. Now just have to find some time in the day to get the photos But I’m sure I can find it! I’ll MAKE it. loo

    – Cheri Perry

  • driftindreamin
    driftindreaminabout 6 years ago

    congrats on your good fortune a simlar thing happened to me last year when i visted a few flower shops in the area [] and they agreed to sell some of my cards on consignment it is going very well the key i found out is don’t over price its better to sell 10 prints for less money than one for a bad price my dad used to say you make your profit on volume.Dayonda has some good advice as i have cut costs myself by doing all the matting and frameing myself

  • Thanks so much for the suggestions driftin.. I appreciate it loads. I do plan to do all my matting myself as much as possible. I do not have a matting board, but hopefully with the millions I make I may get one…lol But as for the pricing…I agree so much. Especially in these small stores. I would like the people to enjoy them, not go broke, especially in this day and age with the way the economy is. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry

  • Carisma
    Carismaabout 6 years ago

    Is all a question of being patient – It HAD to come!! Your work is lovely and people have finally woken upto it !!!

  • Aww…thanks Carisma…I appreciate it so much. You say such kind words. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    – Cheri Perry