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The Eucharist - Are you the Christ?

As we come out of the age of Pisces (the fish – a symbol of Christianity) and into the age of Aquarius ( key phrase ‘be the change’) we leave behind the notion that Christ is singular. A separate entity outside of ourselves.

The Roman Catholic ‘Eucharist’ says it all. The body of Christ is with you and is in you – ‘eu – christ’ – you are Christ. For those of you who do not know of the tradition of the Catholic Church, the Eucharist is the symbol (round, flattened bread) of the body of Christ given to the congregation during mass, the wine given during this procedure represents His blood. So, in no uncertain terms, in the consumption of the Eucharist you are taking in the body and blood of Christ (symbolically) and in doing that you are agreeing to allow the embodiment of Christ within you (temple), merging with your DNA, so to speak. A spiritual profundity indeed!

And is it such an unusual idea that Christ had a wife and children? Our bodies are sacred temples of divine expression. It makes perfect sense to me that Jesus fell in love and procreated with the woman he loved and in doing that, he continued his bloodline. As the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ pointed out, the holy grail could indeed be a reference to Jesus Christ’s bloodline. Now instead of taking offense at this, why is it not reason to rejoice! Jesus left us His sacred bloodline so that we could awaken ourselves when the time was right. This is a concept that renews my faith in humanity so why is it such a bitter pill for most Christians to swallow? Is it not a truly heartening idea that we may have the remnants of the Christ in us? He imparted a truly special gift to humanity and for those who truly wish to examine this theory you will find that the Christ story was not a failed message after all – it was a divine plan.

Does it surprise you that instead of searching outside of yourself for a savior to come and save you from yourselves that, indeed, you are that savior. The cliché that everything you’ll ever need is within you is now appearing to be an absolute truth. Jesus Christ himself advocated this. It was a much easier, and if I might say, lazier route to hand over the job of spirituality and the understanding of the ‘God’ concept to someone or something else outside of yourselves. This is what has happened through Christianity. You are handing your power over to someone else. If we are to take back control over our destiny and life as we know it on this planet we must never hand our power over to anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

I am going to give a very brief synopsis of my interpretation of what Jesus Christ meant to me. From the time I was a young girl I have always found the church and religious doctrine a very hard pill to swallow. My father insisted that I attended church every Sunday up until the age of 16, something that I resented him for but now find to be a very synchronistic part of my life. When I was 16 I was allowed to choose what I wanted to do. I decided to go to church on Easter and on Christmas day. Eventually that tapered off as I started to delve into other religions and spiritual practices. Although I never liked the power and control that the church had over it’s congregation, I always thought that there was some very spiritually sound advice in the Bible. Some things rang true and others didn’t.

The story of Jesus Christ was always an easy listen. Didn’t you find? When someone speaks his or her Truth there is always a resonance within the words being said that will affect you positively. Words are powerful tools of both positive and negative vibration. So, when Jesus spoke his Truth, it resonates within because fundamentally we know of the Truth as everyone has the Truth within. Our Truths are buried deep inside and the whole process of enlightenment is to shine a light on our Truth.

Jesus had no judgment, what a concept! How long has it been since you passed no judgment? Jesus had no heavy rules and regulations – he was a regular ‘hippy’ spreading the news of love for one another. If you clear all the dogma away around Jesus his truth was simple.


Some of Jesus’ key messages were that of the love that God has for us, the love we should have for each other and the immense value of every one of us. He claimed to be Divine. Well, in the New Age we are now being taught the same. We are all Divine. And wouldn’t that make sense. If God is omnipresent, well then it stands to reason that He/She is in everyone and everything. Ergo, we are God. God experiencing the miracle of biological life in the Universe. I think that makes perfect sense. Jesus’ messages and teachings, although misperceived, miscommunicated and altered to suit the various religious doctrines, are still teachings that will bear the test of time. They are worthy of our attention still In this modern day and as we move into the New Age. In fact, and I am not a religious person, I believe that we have to look behind us to see the way forward. But lets try to leave the emotional baggage behind us to and move into this new way of thinking with a clarity of thought that we are all capable of adopting.

If you still think that someone ‘out there’ is going to come and save us or that you need to ‘believe’ in order to be accepted (whether it’s in society or into heaven) then you are still giving your power away. What a waste of a truly God-given status. God has given us the power and we give it away – an unused, unopened gift. If that isn’t blasphemy then I do not understand the meaning of that word.

Suffice to say that many of the things we were told are metaphors or symbolic gestures to help us grapple with certain concepts. Things like heaven and hell are a state of mind and not necessarily a physical place, although the power of ones mind is so magnificent that you could very well conceptualize something into existence. So be very careful of what you believe.

Right and wrong are also concepts. Oh, I can hear the crying out! Think about it, they are just concepts. The one who perceives the right or the wrong is the one who is the judge. As you are to, inevitably judge nothing, then right and wrong do not exist. Could this be why God is impartial? Not through lack of caring or wanting to help but coming from a place of non-judgement. We are on a planet of free choice. Nothing will intercept our free will. This is a vital key in experiencing our Godliness. If we were intercepted all the time and shown the right way we would not grow, we would be tantamount to robots being programmed. This is not far off from our current reality. Our current reality dictates to us through fear-based religious doctrine and media. How many of you love God and accept Jesus into your life not out of free will but out of a sense of securing your place in Heaven. This is the fear. How many of you fear living? Fear going outdoors or taking a trip on a plane? This is the fear the media instills. Hate is not the opposite of love, fear is. In the absence of love fear is present and in the absence of fear love is present. How are we going to implement this Utopia on Earth? By taking the reigns of our own Divinity.

We take back our power. God is waking up. You are the Christ. The Second Coming is about unifying humanity. Mankind will be the new Christ. We will not give our power away, we will take it, thank God for it and use it to bring about the Love in the New Age. A new concept of Love.

A love that does not judge skin colour, religious doctrine, social differences, sexuality and the list goes on. We can do this, it is our last chance. Look at history, how many times have we repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over again. As Einstein said, our problems cannot be solved by the same level of awareness that created them.Why don’t we take the time to look back and say, well if it didn’t work out back then why will it work now? The answer: it won’t! Change is the only constant. Mahatma Gandhi said something so profound that it should be stuck to your fridge door: ‘We must be the change we wish to see’. I can see nothing more succinct than what that says to us. Instead of relentlessly judging yourself and your neighbours, stop it. Do you want to be judged? Hell, no! So stop doing it to others. We all make mistakes. Let me repeat that because it is that important.


We are all in the process of learning. The only thing that has changed is that we have to graduate now. We are going to be taking that final exam. The one where we have to walk the walk and talk the talk. The one where we are going to be that change that Gandhi spoke of. We are going to love unconditionally like Jesus asked us to. We are not going to idly stand by and waste our lives in meaningless pursuit – we are going to take a stand and see the world with new eyes. Forgiving eyes…our eyes will surely be amazed at the beauty we have taken for granted, not only in the surrounding beauty of the lands, seas and living creatures that share this awesome planet with us but in ourselves.

Compassion is to understand without judgment. To be compassionate is to be like Christ. When we empathize we try to feel another’s situation. When we have compassion, we are moved to do something about it. The feeling that gives rise to alleviate another’s suffering. No wonder Jesus tried to advocate compassion.

Can you imagine if we all took a moment to feel someone else’s suffering? Would we be so quick to judge or condemn? Would we be so quick to go to war? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate route to peace on Earth? Feeling another’s suffering, not just saying you do but actually feeling the compassion for another. Just the recognition of pain is a start to the healing process. Just acknowledging someone’s pain can be the road to recovery for that person/s.

With truth comes reconciliation, with reconciliation comes peace. Doesn’t everyone just want to be acknowledged and heard? Why is it so hard for us to listen? No-one is asking you to physically get out there and save the world (not unless you truly have the clout to do so anyway), we are just saying take the time out to really listen, empathize and in doing that you heal. Then the next step is to love. For everyone is a mirror to ourselves. Everyone is mirrored back to us as we face our fears, walk through them to come out on the other side as compassionate, loving, caring and divine beings who recognize the Godhead in their centre and act from that place of love and certainty.

If we all strive to be this way we will become the Christ incarnate. We are encoded with this divine bloodline, it is coursing through our veins. Jesus left behind a legacy that we are to fulfill in this new age. Would you want to let Him down? Would you want to let the rest of mankind down? I hope not.

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The Eucharist - Are you the Christ? by 

A look at how we, as humanity, are waking up to our own divinity and will overthrow the current NWO

So much is taken for granted on a daily basis and I want to bring to the forefront colour, vibrancy, frequency, pensiveness, wonder, reflection, action and energy through my passions.

My art is how I interpret the world around me, it is how I see this life – a palette of unbelievable colours and a sea of energy. The potential every living thing has and the knowledge that everything is a manifestation of a Divine essence is, in itself, pure magic.

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  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonover 4 years ago

    Wow! you talk a lot of sense Cherie, like you I was forced to go to church, my parents were such strong catholics, and I got to hate it because I was forced, you’ve given me a lot to think about, thanks for sharing this Cherie, appreciated on my part :o)x

  • Thanks for reading it, Josie. And thanks for your input – yeah, a lot of people (and I was one of them) just ‘shut down’ when they hear religious talk because of preconceived ideas of the various doctrines but we need to get a different angle/perspective of things in order to ‘sort out’ what has happened in the past and how we are going to do things differently in the future…it is all food for thought. HIstory is only someones perspective of it. It’s time to make up our own minds and to try and see things ‘out of the box’. We live in exciting times where people can communicate and share thoughts, ideas and truths instantly. This will hopefully pave the way to a more unified future ;)

    – Cherie Roe Dirksen

  • ©FoxfireGallery / FloorOne Photography
    ©FoxfireGaller...over 4 years ago

    Unlike yourself or Josie I was not forced to attend church, but it does not make me a lesser compassionate person. Jesus teachings was all about love, compassion and equanimity to all, not selected few. Not selected by birth, status or religion.
    I agree with many things you said about Jesus Christ and his word of love and caring and compassion. Any words that are contradictory have been the input of a lesser altruistic or even holy mind. The doctrines of casting others out because they do not share the Christian believe, is disgraceful and totally against the fundamental teachings and believes. Wherever punishment harmful acts are concerned, they are truly not in the name of Jesus, but made by man with selfish, greedy and jealous desires. Also known as Satanic.
    That is why I am horrified by many of the so called born again and evangelical doctrines that spring up everywhere, which tell lies and teach in my opinion satanic verses. How can they take the name of Jesus in one breath and at the same time spread hatred and anger, what fools are those that listen and belief and act upon such things.
    How can the church deny the findings in science, why are they denying teachings of DNA and birth control in so called religious schools and colleges? How dare the Pope give sanctuary to those who defile children? Let the children come upon me, did not mean let me abuse them sexually physically or mentally. Why the churches of all denominations protect these vile creatures. Why is there no justice or equanimity exercised in the churches today?

  • ©FoxfireGallery / FloorOne Photography
    ©FoxfireGaller...over 4 years ago

    Jesus ousted the money changers and dealers in the temples, and today we find them there pedalling their evil words for money. The collective name I believe is Tie. The Catholic and other denominations holds $ billions, yet I do not see them helping those that need help. Any Christian aid comes from additional collection activities from ordinary people like yourself, while the church sit on the mountain of wealth. The Vaults hold billions of $, €,£ Gold , shares and many other treasures which are not religious artefacts and they continue to ask you all for more money. Why are you being asked for even more money, when most of us are struggling financially.. Churches of all denominations are nothing more than a corporation with the prime objective of making those in control very rich.
    Also you need to ask yourself why many of the original scriptures held at the Vatican are not allowed to be published? What does it contain we are not supposed to see? We already know that the name virgin was deliberately mis-translated from the ancient Greek as it actually reads “young woman”. What other lies are contained in the so called Bible which is not true to its meaning. I personally find the bible with too many contradictions, that has nothing to do with love, compassion, understanding or equanimity for all living beings. Therefore, my believe is that the majority are just made up stories and lies to enrich those yearning for power and wealth. Nothing has changed to this day .

    If anyone calls themselves a Chrsitian then practice Love, Compassion and Equaniminity towards all beings and nothing but, just as Jesus was trying to teach us ignorants.

  • I think the truth will out. It is already happening and the bottom part of the ‘pyramid’ is caving in, that is why we are seeing an increase in ‘scare tactics’ as the NWO tries it’s last attempts at keeping the general population enslaved. Like I said to Josie, the instant communication systems we have in place now are opening up the channels for truth and perspective on all major deceit. We will see through the lies and be able to make sense of our own truth. Like you said, one must practice love and compassion to overcome these dogmas and bring us all into a state of unification.

    – Cherie Roe Dirksen

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