The Human Parent Analogy - Getting behind the mind of God

God is seen by many as our loving, all encompassing parent. We too are intrinsically a good analogy to this as we all have that basic instinct for love of our own children or relations, even if they are not blood relations, we all have somebody whom we love and cherish and this is the one (or many, hopefully) that we will use this analogy upon.

I can only speak from an observation standpoint as I, myself, am not a parent. But the love a parent has for their child is irrefutable. Your child can do nothing to stop the unconditional love that you have for him/her. This is the ‘God as Parent’ analogy we will be using because this is the same for the entity we call God. You can do nothing wrong in the eyes of God. Your behaviours may not be acceptable in certain situations but you, as an entity, a child of God, will never be discarded. So the laughable image of hell is a complete and utter scare tactic.

If your child did something really bad would you want to see them burn in an eternal pit of fire? Hell no! Excuse the pun. Would you physically take your child and want to see them scream and burn for eternity? I’m pretty sure the answer is still ‘no’. So why is it that some people expect God to do this? What an insult to this all-knowing, all encompassing Father/Mother figure. You think God so low as to not have compassion for one of His/Her own? This is one of the most devastating myths mankind has ever come up with to literally make us fear something which certainly has not got anything to do with fear. God is all about love. There is no better analogy than that of the human ‘family’ that we treasure so and put so much emphasis on. We do this because it is real, unconditional love and it is the closest we are going to get to understanding the complexities of unconditional love for ourselves.

Nothing is black or white, we ourselves, are a grey area that takes so much intellectualizing that it drives us to the brink of incomprehension. Just look at yourself in human biology – it is a miracle! A miracle that we so seldom marvel at. We are not just ‘black and white’ biology and what I mean by that is labeling everything and not seeing past the label. We are miracles _ ‘in carnation’_ and we need to see past the scientific label that we put on everything and look past that into the so called ‘grey’ areas of our very existence. Now we are thinking out-of-the-box. The ‘grey’ area is just thinking out of the box. It is human nature to compartmentalize everything, it is our way of making sense of the world but it is not always necessary to think like this. In fact, we should try to think less like that and more broadly because when we do this as a civilization we make room for evolution. We begin to empathize and be compassionate because we are not only seeing things our way or the ‘right’ way. We try to get every angle on a subject.

Here is where we wrap this up by saying that ‘God the Parent’ is likened to the ‘Human Parent’ in as much as we are more willing to think out of the box with our own children. In other words, we are far less judgmental or quick to judge in the case of our own ‘kind’. So when we take this approach and apply it to all our ‘human family’ we will learn what it is to be compassionate and we will move closer to our natural state of divinity. Because God encapsulates this but you already knew that at a cellular level, didn’t you?

The Human Parent Analogy - Getting behind the mind of God

Cherie Roe Dirksen

Barrydale, South Africa

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Using the analogy of God the parent versus the Human parent to understand why there is no hell and to get a grip on true compassion and unconditional love…

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