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Karen Checca

Karen Checca

Locust Valley, United States

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let's hear it for the girl

For my groups…I got the features up on Wednesday and today I got the banners up!!! I’m still in Virginia with my mom’s s l o w computer, but I did it using my kindle!!! Figured it out all by myself, lol!! So proud. Lol

Thank you for Sale!

I wanted to leave a “thank you” to the person who bought a card with “Ibis in White.” They don’t let us know who is the purchaser, but I do hope you see this know that your purchase has made me very happy; as I hope it makes you!! :) Karen

Thank you

I just wanted to thank the individual who just bought 3 cards each of 3 of my works (Incoming, Tiny Bubbles, and White Ibis in Foam)! I hope you enjoy, and thanks again!! :) Karen

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the person(s) who purchased two of my 2011 calendars (Sanibel Scenes and Trees and Flowers)!! Please enjoy!! :)Karen

Sold 18 Cards Today!!

Thank you, Carole, for your purchase of 8 copies of Merry Christmas and 10 copies of White Ibis in Foam! I’m thrilled that you found my work on Redbubble and chose to purchase these cards. It is, indeed, a small world. Please enjoy!! :)Karen

A Sale!

Thank you so much to the person who purchased a card entitled “Tiny Bubbles.” I hope you enjoy!!! :)Karen