-Culinary Professional By trade.
-Love all forms of art.
- Recently developed an addiction for tee’s.
- Am aiming to develop a winning design, don’t know when it
will be or which one but when it does, ah yes thats the sweet
-And love giving out cooking advice to those that need it.





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**Chefleclef pushing 100k traffic @ redbubble**

The title says it all!
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Monster Challenge entry "One Last Hurdle"

This is my entry in the Monster challenge, click the link to view the the art and the description. / http://redbubble-monsters.strutta.com/entry/3750732 / if you want to see other stuff by me type chefleclef into search bar / Thanks folks / Chefleclef
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Have revamped all pricing for shirts, hoodies, stickers and kids clothing @chefleclef shop “clickhere” www.redbubble.com/people/chefleclef
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Oysters in a half shell

Have cleared 1000 views of this design it is my first design to pass this mark. / find it here / Oysters / come visit us on Facebook
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