April 18th 2012 Benchmark 3k views

Today my Redbubble page cleared 3k in views and counting this is 3k since the end of January when I first started.
It has been quite a ride this past 3 months and there is more to come I will post again at 4k
thanks folks this has been a fun oppurtunity and I look forward to more views, sales and designs.

benchamark 5shirt designs and counting

Am starting to feel a little more the captain of the ship and a little less greenhorn as I grasp and improve at using GIMP for art.
now looking back I have had nearly a 10 year pause in which I had not even picked up a pen to draw.
I’m glad I ran into the right person right time and had that specific converstion this has opened up a can of worms.
am starting to look back at some older design and drawings as I assess their relevance and feasibility in the tshirt realm

oh the ideas flooding through……