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New ish upcoming !

Planes /Tears in the Fabric of Space/ Cream of Bleat and the 2nd part to Prehistoric sushi- the Prehistoric Sushi the 1st was just a preview of the final design nearing completion.
staytuned alot of stuff happening the next month!
other projects for end of May to June include
maybe some Lost
and tons more Mario for my Nephew:) Devin Keep checking my site out

Learning all sorts of techniques finally getting my head wrapped around masks and channels, parent channels no thanks to jimiyos tutorials on the net!

So much to draw and learn I am having the time of my life
A toast to Good Food, Life Art and more peeps wearing my schwag.

I couldn’t resist and bought Oysters in a Halfshell in Army Green peeps want to see it at work:) (stay tuned for photos to come.)

Regards Chefleclef

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