My name is Josh. In addition to being an avid photographer, I also do art for

I do a little commission based photography, but my real love for the lens is in shooting sunsets and wildlife.

I’m going to try to keep RedBubble for my “best” work. More of my photos can be found on my flickr photostream.

More about me can be found on my website J Bush Productions

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Cataloguing A 50,000 Image Photo Collection

Recently I sorted, catalogued and ranked my photo collection of 50,000 unsorted images. This was such a daunting and intensive task that I thought it might be worthwhile to share some of my experiences and see if anybody in the RedBubble community might have thoughts or found themselves in a similar situation. / But first, some backstory (which you can skip if you like)! / The Big Setback / 18 mo…
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