Photography Exhibition

The Food Scene Cafe,
Cherrybrook Shopping Village
August 5 – September 30

This is my 5th exhibition at Food Scene in 6 years. The first was canvas/mixed media solo, then fabulous handmade venetian masks with my bestie Sue, then sculpture solo, followed by a Tram Exhibition with wonderful friends Rowena and Jill and now on my own again with a photography solo.

In between all of this dozens of artists have also exhibited at Food Scene free of charge.

So this time, I had the opportunity to say a proper thank you by also putting Rosa and her team on the wall in some candid snaps.

For this exhibition I have gone for a fun, contemporary feel, using chalk boards to display my works. Instead of trying to sell individual pieces, I am just having fun and sending people online to my red bubble portfolio for any sales.

I am hoping the length of this exhibition will also inspire me to try new things, create new works and change things about. By using the chalk boards, I am free to grab my chalk and swap things around if the mood takes me.

Life is too short to take myself too seriously.

Hopefully I’ll see you there sipping a smooth coffee or having a delicious lunch. Have a glorious week.



PS If you are in to the whole Facebook thing .. I now have a Facebook page just search for Chasing Sooz Photography and like me if you dare :-)

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