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About me:
My name is Dan.

I tell bad jokes and I love to make people smile awkwardly. I have the notion for adventure but the inclination for playing video games. I collect short, fast, things that are often red, since those go the fastest. I think that people don’t eat enough s’mores.

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The Big News

I have a new job and have relocated 2000 miles from my old home. Effectively I’m between homes and my time has be dedicated to getting familiarity with my new locale, work life, and organizing how to move our puppies and possessions out here. Unsurprisingly, it’s very time consuming and very stress inducing to get that done. So, I have been working on sketches for new designs and be…
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A slight delay

Hey there fans of Charm! / I’d like to wish you the compliments of the season and to say that new things are on their way soon… but for the time being they’ll have to wait. I may be able to get another design up before the end of the year, but it will require quite a bit of luck to do. Things are rather busy. / Wishing you all the best! / -CharmerPantsOff Designs
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Upvote or Like

I’ve been discovering lately that I really appreciate the feature of being able to like or upvote a comment made by someone. I wish this ability was added to most forum boards and social communities- because I think it would make sorting through material easier. / I’m certain that I’m wrong about its usefulness, but that doesn’t stop me from missing it when the option is …
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A brief history of an older design

I thought I’d talk a little bit about an old design I made: The Bermuda Triangle Rowing Team. This one is actually pretty subtle, but it’s full of goodness, and could be quite a conversation piece. The idea came to me back when my shirt designs were focused on ficitonal travel. The logo of the design appears to be a traditional rowing team-like design as you’d find at any num…
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