♥♣The Queen of Hearts♠♦

♥♣ ~ She was the Queen of Hearts,

That part was true,
But no heart did she keep,
Her love life was through,

In every pack of cards,
There is always a King,
The royalty was paired,
Through a marital ring,

Each one was partnered,
And that was the life,
King and Queen,
Husband and Wife,

Then there was the Jack,
So young and innocent,
The Prince among the pack,

Also the commoners,
Numbers two to ten,
Simple and plain,
Such basics for men,

Also the Ace,
So obtuse and quaint,
No one knew what he was,
He appeared a saint,

The coloured segments,
The black and the red,
Defined them as different,
“Sections,” someone had said,

But the line was overstepped,
By the devious Queen of Spade,
She desired the Hearts King,
The Queen of Heart’s love began to fade,

The King desired back,
And Spade’s Work was done,
He would forsake his real Queen,
For just a bit of fun,

The Spade King was ignorant,
He never even knew,
The behaviour of his Queen,
And what she got up to,

The news got out,
And Diamond had seen,
She shook her head in pity,
She was a friend of the Heart Queen,

And loathed this dark mess,
What had passed,
The betrayal that was weaved,
Spade’s net she had cast,

Clubs minded their own business,
Chose only to find out,
So they could live off the gossip,
And whinge and cry and pout,

They kept to themselves,
And never really cared,
For the other royalties,
And if the Queen’s heart had been spared,

As Hearts looked out her window one day,
She saw Spades waiting,
While Heart’s King ran away,

And she knew immediately,
The truth of the lie,
The Queen of Hearts had lost her love,
Cold wind though her window did sigh,

A tear formed on her cheek,
As crystal as ice,
The very coldness had formed,
On her heart, as tight as a vice,

Her rosy cheeks were pale,
Her eyes echoed pain,
The windows to the soul,
This showed a world shrouded in rain,

She was the Queen of Hearts,
That part was true,
But no heart did she keep,
Her love life was through,

She cried a thousand tears,
On that cold, dreadful day,
Her heart would cease beating,
And all hope would die away. ~ ♠♦

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♥♣The Queen of Hearts♠♦ by 

Even packs of cards aren’t immune to jealousy and heart break…..
As you can see, my structure is very simple, sometimes a bit random…. and i think personally i prefer it. I still have a long way to go and you never know, maybe i will find something better but in the meantime i hope you enjoy the imagery :D

I always imagine a castle of cards……….try that…….


hearts, queen, king, diamonds, clubs, spades, charlotta

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