in memory of hanneke de vos.a.k.a lilith

a testament to a unique person and fellow red bubbler who died recently after long period of illness


  • John Dicandia  ( JinnDoW )
    John Dicandia ...over 1 year ago

    So sad. When did this happen Charlie?

  • i only found out on wednesday but it was on the 15 of july,shockingly sad

    – charliethetramp

  • evon ski
    evon skiover 1 year ago

    Charlie you are a beautiful soul. this is absolutely wonderful pairing of imagery music and movement. Bravo and Bless your kind heart.

  • many thanks yvonne,hanneke was one of the first people i connected with here on red bubble,and she encouraged and helped me to take up photography,as originally i was just here in written form,so i will always thank hanneke for that,and i do miss the fact that she is not around anymore

    – charliethetramp

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboover 1 year ago

    A beautiful video charlie. a very sad loss.

  • many thanks susan,you are a dear friend also

    – charliethetramp

  • montdragon
    montdragonover 1 year ago

    …we are not even a blink in the scale and scope of things only stardust sprinkled for a nanosecond…if that…and only come this way once…some say hello…others too shy and others consumed in the me of the me of themselves…sigh in the afterglow just before the gloaming we glimpse and then know…as the blue light envelopes us…into the still dark destiny…from whence we came…adieu in this reality…very thoughtful Charlie applause applause…

  • thanks monty hanneke was a very complex character,and like us all she had her flaws,but over all she had more positives than negatives to her being,and its extremely sad that she endured a long illness and died at a relatively young age,because she had so much to offer and i know she would have liked to express and explore her creative side more,but alas that wasn`t to be
    sprinkled stardust from and back to says so much many thanks monty

    – charliethetramp

  • Ton de Vrind
    Ton de Vrindover 1 year ago

    I still have no words to express what I feel, thanks for your tribute

  • hi ton .i know you and hanneke were good friends and you did some wonderful photographic collaborations together,sometime ton words just can not express such loss,but i know there is heart felt affection and dismay at her passing

    – charliethetramp

  • Rnz0
    Rnz0over 1 year ago

    enigmatic ipseity, the suchness of her youness; seriously playful.
    the world is less, somehow. thank you.

  • to true lawrence wonderfully expressed

    – charliethetramp

  • clickinhistory
    clickinhistoryover 1 year ago

    A great artist and never afraid to shake the tree or stand up for her artistic beliefs, really sad news as she left a comment a while back and due to work and health, missed it, thanks for this

  • sorry for being a bringer of bad news richard,but i know hanneke liked you and your work, and as lilith she was quite inspirational force on red bubble in its formative and probably golden years,so i thought you`d probably want to know of her passing,again sorry of being a bringer of such sad news

    – charliethetramp