Southside, United States

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Sensing You Peaches and Cream / Strawberry Dreams / Blackberry Wine / Your Sweet Lips Sublime / Rainbow Skies / Bright Butterflies / Oceans Of Blue / N… Mustard Seeds Featured Banner by Charldia Colorful Gelled Spheres by Charldia Take Your Pic Now While I'm Showing My Good Side by Charldia The Global Mistress by Charldia His Word His Hope ( for Don A.)  by Charldia Lost in Blues (A 3D Kaleidoscopic Maze) by Charldia African Whispers by Charldia Paradise Pier Pensacola by Charldia Beauty of Reflecting Nature by Charldia Mama Duck Guarding Her Eggs (for my 5 grandchildren) by Charldia Abandoned and Forlorn by Charldia Earth and Sky Kaleidoscope by Charldia The Sweetness of My Lover’s Embrace I walked along the shore in the early morning mist and my lover was there. He kissed my lips in the salty spray as the ocean waves rolled … All You Need Is Love by Charldia Beauty of a Southside Sunset by Charldia Gifts from God by Charldia In the Beginning by Charldia Easter Blessings by Charldia God's Beauty Abounds by Charldia On the Coosa Under the Interstate Bridge by Charldia Weeping Willow Why do you weep, beautiful Willow? / Why do your branches bend low? / Is it true you cry, when someone dies / That is a poor, lost, torture… Red Barn by Charldia Fogged Mirrors As we grow old, get a little slow, things change / And it seems like our body gets rearranged / Sags and bags are not meant to see / So I t… As Told By the White Rose I first bloomed in that garden so fair, / With a sweet smelling fragrance and beauty rare. / The perfect paradise created by God’s ow… Christmas- This Shall Be A Sign by Charldia Christmas 2013 From Our Family by Charldia Weeping Willow (Art and Writing) by Charldia Red Rose I Love You Card by Charldia Honor His Majesty by Charldia Mama, Please Help Me Find My Mouth by Charldia Because You’re Gone In the daytime I almost make it. / Keeping busy, put on a smile, just fake it. / But in the nighttime things slow. / Memories of you start… Blue Heron Fishing by Charldia Honkers  Halloween by Charldia Together (Art and Poetry) by Charldia Noccalula Falls Side View by Charldia Fire and Ice Fractal Flower by Charldia Worn Out and Overtaken by Charldia I Miss You Flower Card by Charldia I Come In Peace, Take Me To Your Leader by Charldia Rainbow Rain by Charldia Oh, So That's a Fir Ball! by Charldia Rocky Is A Hardened Old Man by Charldia No Greater Love  *Thanks JR, Viv, Maddy, Dot by Charldia Things are Not Always As They Seem by Charldia The Bridge As It Really Is by Charldia Madam Morphus by Charldia Evil Is A Fiery Consumption Rev. 20:15 (Description IMPORTANT) by Charldia Like A Tree Planted by Charldia Self Contemplation Revelation by Charldia Lost and Reclaimed by Charldia Clear Blue Rush by Charldia Elephant Trunk by Charldia Enter Into Rest by Charldia Koi Fountain by Charldia Keep Looking! I Know I Left  the Babies Here Somewhere by Charldia Don’t Quit Your Race 2 Timothy 4:7 Too many days and days of darkness and despair, / But You keep whispering words of hope reminding me You’re there. / Too many nights… Oh, The Waters Of God by Charldia He Whispers Sweet Peace by Charldia What's Your Point of View? by Charldia Rusty Metal Plate Under A Railroad Trestle by Charldia Steaming Fractal Teapot by Charldia Of Him, I am Proud Me, I’m more ordinary than most that you know. / I have no riches, no treasures to show. / No talent to brag of, no accomplishments o… Zebra Printed Love by Charldia So Granddaddy, Where Do the Old Hippies Go? (Retro Island, Bermuda Triangle) by Charldia Charldia's Retro Jungle by Charldia True Love Is Your Alpha and Omega by Charldia If You Got It, Flaunt It by Charldia Writing & Art☞ THE SURVIVOR (thanks Viv & Servant of Jesus) by Charldia Mine Eyes Have Seen by Charldia Yeah, I can Stick My Tongue Out Too (abstract) by Charldia Jesus Came To Heal Get Well Card by Charldia Beside Quiet Waters by Charldia God Values a Gentle Spirit by Charldia Thank You Card ( with praise scriptures) by Charldia God’s Cry How heavy are the rains that pour from the skies / I know how hard you’re weeping God, those tears fall from your eyes. / Your tender… Behold the Flight of the Eagle (Description very … The following is a poem I wrote in 1986: / BEHOLD THE FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE / Behold the flight of the eagle, the mighty outstretched wings t… Behold The Flight Of The Eagle (Description Important) by Charldia Cloudy Evening Sunset Over Southside, Alabama USA by Charldia Oh Yeah, I Have Her Wrapped Right Around My Paw by Charldia
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