human then and now and when

human then and now and when

human was just another being
until struck instinct clever

then conceited disguise
unto ‘decor humane’

earth by then was
air unblemished
waters pious
rivers clean
not visited
animals free
live being lived
not encountered
forest plunder none

human instinct clever
subjects other creature
to migration or departure
from respective own habitat

human now simply adds to add
subjects other creatures to misery
ransacks forests and pollutes the seas
rips open atoms in name of research
atomic energy pretext self survival
killing all life his time shall arrive
there shall be left none, no life
no habitat no human, none
no water and forest none
live organism oblivion
and the mother of all
our mother earth
reduced to burn

such smart and clever us humans
cleverest of clever ‘decor humane’

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human now simply adds and adds
subject all other creatures to misery
ransacks forests and pollutes them seas
rips open atoms in name of research


human, disguise, humane, forest, earth, air, water, sea, animal, fire

Love Mother Nature !
Universal Brotherhood !
Humane unity in man made diversity !

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  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coover 1 year ago

    I think I understand what you are feeling, Charan. I’ve wrestled with this, too, for a long time. Now I wonder if we are just another force of Nature and I’m curious what we’ll end up as. Hopefully, I’ll be around as a tree or insect or something, to see what happens :)

  • The kind of advanced nuclear arsenals that are piled all over the body of Mother earth , even if they misfire on own , its very likely that no live organism may survive ; anyways even if some form of bacteria or a live cell does survive , you can imagine the level of our unlearning …lol

    – charanjitsingh chandhok

  • Alenka Co
    Alenka Coover 1 year ago

    Scary stuff that you understand much better than I do. So much toxic waste of all kinds we’re generating, not only on our planet now, but in the atmosphere too. I’m thinking, hoping, the planet can outlive us, continue after we’re gone. Or perhaps we will find a way of ‘unlearning’ as you said, and survive, too.

  • Yes it sure is scary and going by progression since dawn of civilizations,,, its not likely humans will unlearn ‘lesson conceit’ which has become part and parcel of current life styles .

    – charanjitsingh chandhok

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreover 1 year ago

    I understand the sentiment, Charan. We are an organism out of control, as we try and wrestle control of Earth, Air, Water, and Space. Things do change naturally, too; and as part of nature, we are also part of that. But humans have the greatest impact on nature; nothing else compares.

  • Yes Fran we are an organism out of control . Even righteous fear concepts designed by wise and pious failed on us , Despite many a cautionary act of Mother Nature .we continue as if our so called science ‘know’ will be able to handle where as fact is, we humans can not handle ’ flood’ …the simplest of natural disasters .

    – charanjitsingh chandhok

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Mooreover 1 year ago

    Good point. Yes, we can put men in space, but can’t handle water rising from tumultuous wind and earth movement. Interesting. It does put things into perspective.

  • True , we humans can just invade Earth , Air, Water and Space , we can ruin as we already have… not control . Probably simplest of them ‘Air’ ; imagine packing a small packet of Air in strongest ever ‘Man made air tight Box’ and try compressing it, try breaking it ; just think … can we ?

    – charanjitsingh chandhok

  • bearwings
    bearwingsover 1 year ago

    Yes mr Chandhok, “decor Humane” is very ingenious. How dangerous the instinct clever when mixed with an army or two and high finance. Let’s call it greed. Now I’m begining to see the relationship between the genes of a bacteria and our own drive to procreate. I wonder if we’ll ever get to live on distant planets and ruin them as well. Hopefully the chosen few will have read your wise words well before then and changed their ideas. Nice work Charanjitsingh, well done.

  • Thank you dear Trevor for encouraging me to write every time I pen my humble expression . The fear is well founded, I am deeply touched by your impression of this post .

    – charanjitsingh chandhok

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