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Is that a Gallery in your Pocket??

Hello. I’ve stopped for a moment. How are you??

The Black Chandelier is moving forwards. After 3,242 layers of paint it finally looks white. ;)
hee hee. I’m exhausted. Yesturday I painted for hours. Hours It hurt. I got paint in my eye – thrice. I swear I can feel my skeleton and every muscular fibre. Everything is creaking. I admire people who are work fit. It’s hard work – working. :)

Enough about me.

The paint looks great. It looks as though it’s been built from white lego. And speakig of paint… whose idea is was it to make a 2oL can of paint and then put a tinsy tiny piece of wire to carry it on? I was lucky to come away with my fingers. :)

The Artists are humming and working away. The opening date creeps forward… and with every day our excitement grows. The ships continue their slow invasion…. the tug boats honk. With paint it’s truly starting to feel like it’s ours. The space is becoming loved.

After days of work, it still looks similar to how it did in the original photos. I will post more in a day or so when the painting is done and we’ve tidied up. Please Oohh & Aahh when you see it.

May I say a huge thanks to my friends on RB for the GREAT support. I thought of the Bubble while I was painting. :D

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