I’ve spent most of my life being artistic, it’s like a second nature. I have a quirky taste in terms of the art I produce, I find beauty in the tiniest of moments, the combination of colours, and how an image delights the senses. My passion is landscape, as it is neither pretentious nor assuming on me as its captor.

I currently maintain a series of online presences, with this page being the focus of my sales.

You can find me over on Flickr where my latest work gets displayed as soon as I’ve finished perfecting it.

You can also follow me on Facebook to catch the live links, musings and other photography-related chatter happening.

Lastly, and most professionally, my website is Mel Sinclair Photography
This is the page where you will see all the other amazing things that I shoot – You may be surprised at the diversity of things I have shot!
I blog frequently to this page, and wholly encourage you to follow me… there’s never a dull moment here.

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Checking in!

Wow, I cannot put into words simply how busy I have been recently! / Mostly, it’s because I’m working on a couple of (for now) super secret projects, so they’re chewing up my time like nobodys’ business, but it’s oh so exciting! / I also did something a little crazy and joined the AIPP Queensland chapter, as we speak I’m scrunching my face up at my image select…
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Hello, it’s Mel here, yes, Mel…. I know I’ve been slack… guilty as charged! / Bit of a mixed year all round here. / I didn’t bother to do up any Calendars this year as I felt like I haven’t had a massively productive year photography wise. Not many holidays and heaps of different things happening… but… / I’ve actually SOLD work on Redbubble th…
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Updates coming shortly, I promise! / I just realized how much I have to add, to make my portfolio equal with that of 500px! / Stay patient, in the meantime, if there’s anything you really want me to upload, send me a BM! / Thx / Mel
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I don’t get what it is with this place. / I want to sell my work, I want to get it seen. / So why are the groups so darn exclusive and hard to get work into? / Why are they so selective and judgemental. / Why do I have to give away my locations to everyone? / I’m just fed up with trying to make it work in this system… it seems like a whole lot of take for no give. I make nothing…
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