October 02, 2007

So I joined Redbubble last week from a suggestion from a fellow Deviantart Member.
Awesome suggestion indeed that was.
So the 1st thing i did was sumbit a few Tee designs in which I myself would like to see printed, So I purchased 2 of my own to see how they’d look.
Today they finally arrived and I’m mighty impressed.
Mighty Mighty!

Also since this is my 1st journal entry, I’d like to thank those of you who have either Viewed my pieces, Visited my page, Commented and Faved my works and especially those to have purcahsed some of them.
Much Much appreciation to you!

- Chamba


  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinsonalmost 7 years ago

    I`m glad your here too, Need more of your work.,..

  • Cassandra James
    Cassandra Jamesalmost 7 years ago

    I saw the link to this place in your DeviantART journal, and love it!

    BLURUKUSalmost 7 years ago

    thankz to yu i, another deviantARTist am also here. yur shirt designs are awesome man

  • ojharper
    ojharperalmost 7 years ago

    Im one of your deviant art stalkers, and I am now part of this site cuz of you lol. Your work is amazing, keep it up bro