I’m a Melbourne Based Illustrator/Comic Artist who’se lovin’ his day job.

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12 days of Christmas sale!

for the 12 days of Christmas, 2013, Every short sleeve shirt sizes Small to Large will be $23 dollars and Less! (sorry XL – 3XL, it’ll be a bit more) / It’s been yonks since I’ve made a post, what’s important is that Life is Good. / No doubt.
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Time of the month. .

. . . when new parcels arrive at my doorstep. / So about 2 weeks ago i ordered a few of me ‘face’ shirts and today they arrived, and I must say that I was surprised with some of it’s outcomes. / For instance, the ‘lemon’ shirt is Literally a Lemon colour! The colour view on this site seems more of an Amber yellow or even School-bus yellow if anything. I’m prob…
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October 02, 2007

So I joined Redbubble last week from a suggestion from a fellow Deviantart Member. / Awesome suggestion indeed that was. / So the 1st thing i did was sumbit a few Tee designs in which I myself would like to see printed, So I purchased 2 of my own to see how they’d look. / Today they finally arrived and I’m mighty impressed. / Mighty Mighty! / Also since this is my 1st journal entry, I…
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