My name is Chad Michael Ward.

I am sometimes an artist, sometimes a photographer and once in a very great while, I am a film director.

I am always and forever a Storyteller.

The internet is my primary tool for getting my stories (in whatever shape they may take) out to you: my friends, my family, my fans (all two of you over there in the back row). As such, the following is an account of where you’ll find me currently and for the coming year, hawking myself and my wares to those that would have me:

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Anyone out there interested in drawing a pin-up for my comic-book-in-progress, JOHNNY ZOMBIE? Would love to see everyone’s interpretation of my crazy rock n roll zombie killer and/or the crazy cast of characters in the story… / Hit me up if you want to play! / p.s. to my photographer friends: I’m referring to a comic-book art pin-up not a photo/model pin-up. Sorry!
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