Dear visitor, I’m a Spanish graphic designer trying to make a life in Brussels, Belgium, old Europe. My style is ecclectic though I tend to feel atracted by the smell of vintage and retro topics. Inspiration and themes come mainly from videogames -high influence!-cinema, books, everything! I design tees that I would love to wear. So why wouldn’t you like them too? As simple as that. The tool of my choice is Illustrator for its flexibility and quality perfomance with vectors but I also make use of Photoshop, who doesn’t? I love doing this and I’m happy to see satisfied customers. Enjoy the visit and feel free to dive into my stuff as it is done with care and passion. If you decide to buy something thanks so much and if you are so kind tell me to which part of the world is going the tee or the sticker I would really appreciate that. Have a nice day and keep it cool :)

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