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Garland, United States

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I like being creative and I have a lot of interests: art, photography, writing, metaphysics, spirituality, archeology, paleontology, history, genealogy, nature, journaling, inner journeys, shamanism, paganism, huna, kabalah, magick, native american culture, history, and religion, divination, tarot, i ching, taoism, meditation, astrology, astronomy

In regard to art…I began as a traditional artist but then I fell in love with the opportunities provided by digital media and that is now my means of expression. I cannot contain my passion in single styles and I produce many types of art…wherever my muse leads me. For instance, I like to create unique abstract art, fractals, surrealistic art, fantasy and fantastic art, science fiction art, alien landscapes, geometric art, and mandalas. I enjoy creating replicas of scenes I can see in my mind’s eye and using photography, 3D models and any other tools at my disposal to bring them into focus in artwork that is extremely realistic and yet has no counterpart in the real world…scenes that are visually appealing, engrossing, and that display sophisticated composition, lighting, and color choices.

Photography is also an integral part of my media that I use to capture natural beauty or express the creativity that flows through me. Now with digital photography the blending of photography and fine art becomes more and more an irrelevant distinction.

I am keenly interested in creating art that has impact and affects the viewer in positive ways. I also like to challenge and push conceptual boundaries, to help people view life with new eyes, to inspire their imagination, and to help them see possibilities, while at the same time presenting aesthetic images that bear looking at over and over.

I think that art should not require someone saying something about it for it to be “understood.” It should reach out and grab you all on its own, or I have not done a good job of communicating my vision.

In regard to my writing—I am using my Arroyos Seco blog to post my literary work, notification of publications and assorted general comments, as well as to provide a single location for off-site links where my work may reside.

I am currently in the process of writing The Middle World Chronicles: An Illustrated Spiritual Memoir and I will be posting additional chapters as they are completed. My other publications are Arroyos (short, short (or flash) nonfiction), The White Owl (a nonfiction short story of normal length), and Thoughts of an Afternoon ( poetry). If you have any problems using the pdf reader to view the above documents on Issuu, you can click on the ‘download’ button on the top bar of any of my publications and download the document in pdf format.

My art and my writing influence each other and I strive to have both be characterized by clarity, impact, and clear communication.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Let me know what you think. Your observations and comments are always welcome.

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  • Age: 71
  • Joined: December 2008


Middle World Chronicles-Chapter 10 completed

I have published/posted my “Chapter 10: Ben Shamem and the Medicine Wheel” portion of the Middle World Chronicles. Links to this chapter may be found on / :
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Remote Rest Stop Featured

I am proud to announce that my image, Remote Rest Stop has been featured in the group: Sci-Fi Featured Art. Thank you Virgosun.
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Breaking Through Illusions Featured

Breaking Through Illusions has been featured in Colours in the Art Universe Group. Thanks for the feature!
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The Middle World Chronicles, Chapter 9 posted

I have been writing my spiritual memoirs for a while now. The title is, “The Middle World Chronicles: An Illustrated Spiritual Memoir.” As you would expect with a memoir, everything in these chronicles is true. This memoir is non-fiction. I raise that point since I have had some of my readers ask me if everything I write about in these chronicles is true…due probably to the…
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