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Special Art Announcement From Carrie Jackson Studios

Carrie Jackson Studios is excited to reveal a very special side of Carrie’s art with her all of her art fans and friends alike. Carrie would like to officially introduce her line of sculptures and 3D artwork!

Carrie Jackson’s sculptures hands down are quite visually entertaining. Carrie’s first series of experimental sculptures include some fascinating mixed mediums like coral, peacock feathers and metal. Each piece in Carrie Jackson’s line of sculptures is unique, highly decorative and hand painted by Carrie Jackson. Some of the interesting new works in Carrie’s molded line of art include an ornately sculpted clay clock, pen & pencil holders and bottle stoppers. Carrie Jackson has captured a look all her own through her sculptures, which definitely still carry her trademark of bold colors and dramatic swooping designs recognized in all of her paintings.

Carrie sculpted all of her clay creations with the same love, imagination and attention to detail that she uses in her paintings. Carrie Jackson employed an unorthodox approach in creating her first series of sculptures, using a low fire clay and sawdust firing each piece in her own brick kiln she built herself. Carrie then hand painted each sculpture, adding layers of detail and character and then sealed her pieces in either a wax or a varnish. Carrie’s artistic gift and her eye for composition make her a natural and ideal sculptor. Carrie is only beginning to push the envelop in this artistic arena and it’s going to be fun being a spectator!
By Austin Lewis For Carrie Jackson Studios

“I have really been looking forward to sharing my sculptures with everyone; it’s a side of my art and creativity that I truly enjoy. I love the creative process involved in sculpture, from sketching an idea, to shaping it, forming it, firing it and then seeing it come to life. Each step holds joy and is very rewarding in itself. I will be exploring more sides of sculpting and working with clay going forward!" – Carrie Jackson

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