Norcross, United States

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Big Problems for my art...

My computer died a couple days ago. It’s looking like the hard drive is dead. Which means a good lot of the art I recently uploaded here recently will only ever be here, because that’s the only copy. I don’t think there’s a way to retrieve it, is there? Though even if there was, it’s still not the same since it’s jpg’s and png’s, not vector images or layered photoshop files.

I’m rather heartbroken. I’m hoping to save enough money to get the computer to a shop and see if they can salvage anything, but that is way out of the realm of what I can afford right now. It has been a very bad week so far.


    BYRONabout 4 years ago

    aaaah, we all learn to back-up the same way…

    Unless your hard-drive is physically damaged, you should be able to recover the data – at a cost. It is always worth considering this first.

    Then when you buy a new computer, buy a 300gig back-up drive. They are dirt cheap now, and can be set-up to auto back-up certain folders and files.

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonabout 4 years ago

    I agree with Byron, I haven’t been able to afford a back up drive, so now and again I save all my photos onto a DVD, when you get your computer fixed perhaps that would be a good thing for you to do DVD’s are pretty cheap. Good luck, I sure hope they can retrieve your photos for you.