the Key

i was around when you were born
i watched over you as you played
you would climb on my arms
so happy and free

but as you grew, what happened i don’t know
you would use me and cut me down
making things fit your need
i would attempt to come back
but you ‘d make sure i wasn’t around

i have tried to comfort you
give you shelter
give you peace
but as you grew older
you seemed to forget the reason i am here

strange that you ask now
who are you
i thought when you were young
you already knew

that I am the Key
I am the Key that will help your life
I am the Key that will give you food
I am the Key that will give you shelter
but yet, you still ask, who are you..

I am the Key….

I am the Tree

written by © Christopher Ewing July 29, 2009

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This poem has been going thru my head for awhile now. Felt now is a good time as any to just write it.
As we now worry about global warming. Seeing the true effects of our actions from the past.
A lot knew years ago, taking down the rain forests, and clearing the timber lands across the world the eventual effects it would have on the very source we depend on….. Earth.
Some say there’s nothing that can be done now, but there is a lot we can still do to save our planet from our destruction.
It’s time we start replacing what we have taken down.
The Trees.
They Are the key to our survival here on this planet.
They clean our air from our pollution
They keep this planet and us cooler.
They give us food and shelter
They were here long before us, and even as we try to force the Earth to live “our way”, they will be back, long after we are gone.
Mankind is gradually creating his own doom by not paying attention to what was here before us, what we need to have to survive.
I hope I don’t ever see the day I have to live in a cubicle to breathe fresh air. I’d personally would rather do that outside.
I don’t want to see animals that depend on the cold become extinct
I don’t want to eat my food that has been grown in a lab.
It’s time the whole world wakes up, and truely takes notice of what we are doing to the thing we depend on. It’s time we start reversing things and tolerate having to rake a few leaves and mow around the very thing that is trying to help us survive.
Find a place
Plant your tree
Make a difference

Published on the Arbor Day Foundation’s website


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  • joan warburton
    joan warburtonabout 5 years ago

    So true.

  • Gail Bridger
    Gail Bridgerabout 5 years ago

    Fantastic words Christopher, I agree 100% with you!! A fave 4 sure!!! You are so very talented with your images and as well with your words!!

  • joan warburton
    joan warburtonabout 5 years ago

    I lost an old friend yesterday.

  • Joanne  Bradley
    Joanne Bradleyabout 5 years ago

    Well crafted Christopher! Your words are inspiring! From another tree hugger…

  • Clive
    Cliveabout 5 years ago

    Fantastic work Chris, love it my friend, well worded

  • JanT
    JanTabout 5 years ago

    Well done, Christopher. You convey sadness and strength beautifully through your words, and you offer hope. Thank you from another tree planter and hugger.

  • Al Bourassa
    Al Bourassaabout 5 years ago

    We all need to do our part. Thanks Christopher for a great reminder.

  • Erhan OZBIYIK
    Erhan OZBIYIKabout 5 years ago

    PERFECT one Christopher !!!

  • ear-ear
    ear-earabout 5 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant Chris and your words are so very thought provoking.
    We can all still help our world to survive.

    Bravo Hun.

  • Yolande van der Merwe
    Yolande van de...about 5 years ago

    Beautiful words Christopher. Very true.

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