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Happy Thanksgiving !

Id like to go ahead and pass on a Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it now. I know later on in the week people will be too busy with getting things together, family and friends, and probably wont be here (well not for too long)
I think for the most part everyone should celebrate this day. Even tho its an American holiday, many people around the world have something to be thankful for. Of course the reason it started here was for (at the time, not that way now) but for freedom from others who wanted to dictate another’s life.
Me personally, since im single and no family here, I’ll be working, both shifts, the Am and Pm. Something I usually do for the holiday season until New Years gets here. Then thats my time…lol I usually go to Gatlinburg and shoot the fireworks for the new year :)

So I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday, and remember that regardless of what might be going on, there’s always something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for the friends I have made in my photography world, without them I wouldnt have had the inspiration to improve my work. I’m thankful for meeting Real People.
I am thankful for this photography site as well, it came at a time in my career where I needed positive input and thank you.

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