My name is Celeste and I am a photographer. We moved to Ontario after my husband’s work relocated us.

I love traveling and I see beauty in even the most mundane of things. I used to have a compact Fuji 35mm camera that I took with me everywhere. When it eventually gave up the ghost, it got replaced by a cheap digital point and shoot. That didn’t last long and we eventually bought a Canon Powershot A75, a week before I gave birth to our son. The little camera saw a lot of action as I would be “happily snapping” tons of photos of our son every day. As it turned out, a lot of those point and shoot (or pray and shoot as my husband calls it :) ) were not bad at all.

That’s when hubby, bless his heart, thought I should upgrade to a DSLR. He gave me a Canon EOS Digital Rebel as a present two Christmases ago. I loved that camera. I nicknamed it Reb. Suddenly, a whole new world of photography with endless possibilities opened up in front of me.

Three years ago, he surprised me with an EOS 40D for my birthday. My mom-in-law inherited Reb because she’s also constantly taking photos of flowers and her yard. She still has it and still enjoys playing with it.

For Christmas 2010, I received a new camera as a gift from my hubby. For our anniversary this year, he also gave me another camera body.

I am now a proud owner of a Canon 7D, 1Ds Mark II and a variety of pro lenses and other accessories.

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