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Gardens in Focus - Competition 4 Finalists

As I told you in a previous journal article, I was honored to have five of my photographs among the 100 Finalists in Competition 4, Gardens in Focus (Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney, Australia) and two of those five judged as Grand Finalists. The 100 Finalists were shown during the recent exhibition in a photo movie that has now been posted online (it’s the first movie at the top of the linked web page). If you like flowers and gardens, you are sure to enjoy the movie, which runs a little over 14 minutes.

Although I did not win any of the major prizes, I was delighted to learn that a most talented and accomplished fellow Redbubble photographer, Dianne English, was the overall first place winner with Centre of Attention, a beautifully detailed poppy macro shown below. The photo is lin…

Please welcome my sister to Redbubble

Some of you already know I have a sister (Marylou), and that she is also a photographer. Now you can see her work very easily because she has joined Redbubble and has been very busy adding to her portfolio here.

Marylou lives in Australia (near Brisbane) and is quite the world traveler, as you will see from her photos.

Please visit Marylou’s RB Profile and leave a comment or two to welcome her to the Redbubble community. Thanks!

P.S. I am still scarce on RB, as I am limited to using just my iPad until my new iMac arrives (due on Tuesday the 17th).

Offline for a time

My Mac’s boot drive failed overnight. Not sure how soon I will be functioning again, although I do have backups. I am posting this from my iPad via wifi at the public library.

Obviously I won’t be posting photos or commenting for now. :)

Sold two throw pillows!

Thank you to the anonymous buyer who purchased these two throw pillows today (18-inch, cover only). The first is titled “Red powder puff” and the second “Morning glorious.”

Two Grand Finalists in Competition 4 of the Gardens in Focus photography competition!

What a journey this has been (and it’s not over yet): in late 2013 I entered seven images in the Gardens in Focus photography competition (sponsored by the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Australia). Six made it through the first round of judging to the long list, and then five of those were short-listed. I have just learned that two of the five are now Grand Finalists and will be printed and framed to be shown (and potentially sold) at the exhibition in Sydney, Australia (14 to 22 June 2014, Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney). Those two will go through yet another round of judging that will yield the major award winners of this competition. All five of my short-listed photographs will be part of the digital slide show at the exhibition.

I am still …

I made the short list in Competition 4 of the Gardens in Focus photography competition!

I am absolutely thrilled right now because I just heard from the Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens (Sydney, Australia) that five of my photographs made it through the second round of judging to the Short List in Competition 4 of the Gardens in Focus photography competition!

I entered seven images in the competition and thought I was very fortunate that six made the initial Long List. To now have five of those six on the short list (from which some photos will be printed and hung for the June show at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney and all will be shown digitally) has me doing a very happy dance!

These are my five short-listed photographs:

Angel's trumpet inner sanctum
by Celeste Mookherjee

Organic lady apples
by Celeste Mookherjee

Cosmos on gold
by Celeste Mookherjee


1st Quarter 2014 Sales

Here’s a quick summary of my sales from the first quarter of the year. All sales were to anonymous buyers (and I am grateful to every one of them!).

  1. A calendar
  1. Posters
  1. Stickers
  1. Cards: 95 total, mostly in quantities of one, two or three, except for a person who purchased 16 of this design (thank you!):

2013 Image of the Year in 'Challenge Accepted' Group

My thanks to the members of the Challenge Accepted group, who voted my entry, moon jellies, as the 2013 Image of the Year in the special challenge for winners of individual 2013 challenges. Official announcement

I made this image a few years ago at a special “Photographers Night” at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. I was in the midst of many photographers in the jelly area that night (mostly men, and many carrying around a ton of high-end gear) and overheard one fellow say to another, “Don’t bother with those white jellyfish. They’re impossible.” Too bad those two fellows aren’t here to see this one. :)

moon jellies
by Celeste Mookherjee