2015 Say Cheese, Long Beach competition - 3 winners!

I have been participating in a yearly local photo competition, Say Cheese, Long Beach, ever since the first one in 2008. The contest is one of many events sponsored by Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team, a local charitable organization. The idea is that photographers of all ages and experience levels go out and shoot whatever they want within a specified 24-hour period, provided the images are created within the city limits of Long Beach, California. Only minimal processing is allowed, as this competition is looking for what the photographer can do with the camera and not for software manipulation skills. The 2015 competition was scheduled for Labor Day weekend, with a new twist in that photographers were allowed to choose their preferred 24-hour slot within the three days. Photogr…

Offline more than usual for a while

An unanticipated move is suddenly part of my schedule, and it means spending more time offline than on.

Briefly, I have lived in the same apartment for close to 14 years, and the building owner wants to renovate my place. He has suggested that I move to another apartment that is soon to be vacated and has already been renovated. In the end it will be good (nice hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen and bath, etc.), but for now it’s a lot of work because I’ve been in one place for so long and tend to be a bit of a pack rat. :)

I will check in to RB as close to daily as possible, but my comments will be fewer and less detailed for now. I’m warning my contacts so that you don’t think I’m neglecting you or leaving RB. :)

Finalist in "Long Beach Favorites" Photo Contest

Yesterday (October 19th) I attended a special event that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Long Beach Qingdao Association (LBQA) and honored the finalists in a photography competition, “Long Beach Favorites,” held in June of this year. (Long Beach, California, and Qingdao, China, are sister cities.) I entered three photos in the competition and did not know until last night which one had been chosen as a finalist. The judges were local photo professionals, so I felt good that finalists were chosen on merit and not on how many social media friends one could cajole into voting for one’s work. :)

Finalist photos were printed and dry-mounted in large format and displayed on individual easels at the event, and we were gifted with our prints to take home. That was lovely,…

Rest in Peace dear Mao, beloved pet

My heart is heavy with the loss today (30 September 2015) of Mao, age 13, one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. He was a rescue cat, a rambunctious and playful boy as a youngster who also had a mellow side that took over as he entered his senior years.

Mao has not been well for a few weeks, but he was improving slowly after a trip to the vet. He took a turn for the worse two days ago, and I was mentally prepared (as much as one can be) when I returned to the vet with him today. Mao had stopped eating or even responding to his name, even though he still appreciated being petted in all his favorite spots. The vet was very kind but also direct, telling me about Mao’s multiple conditions that mitigated against recovery. Thanks to caring staff at the veterinary hospital, I was …

Recent sales - thank you!

Many thanks to two buyers this week, one of whom I actually know (an online photo friend from Flickr), and the other the more usual anonymous purchaser. My Flickr friend bought a tote bag that is now on its way to her in New Zealand, and the second purchaser ordered a poster of a photograph I made in Avalon, Catalina. Thank you both!

One tote bag of “Deep magenta hydrangea”

One poster (small) of “Avalon Casino entrance – mermaid mural”

"Patterns" Finalist Exhibition now posted at Exhibitions Without Walls

This is a follow-up to my previous journal article about one of my photographs being selected as a finalist in an international online competition. The winners have been announced, and the Finalist Exhibition is now online at Exhibitions Without Walls.

The three top winners are outstanding, and I encourage you to follow the link above to see them and all the finalists. My finalist photograph, Rebar diagonals, earned an Award of Excellence, placing it in the top 10 of more than 400 photographs and digital artworks that were entered in this competition. I am very happy to have done this well in such a high-quality field of digital art and photography.

Rebar diagonals
by Celeste Mookherjee

Finalist: "Patterns Observed or Created" in Exhibitions without Walls

Great news: I was notified earlier today that one of the photographs I entered in an online competition for photographs and digital art, “Patterns Observed or Created,” made it to the final round of judging.

This marks my first time entering a juried competition at Exhibitions without Walls (link will take you to the display of finalists). Final judging takes place next week, and I am very happy to be a finalist even if I do not win one of the prizes. Below is my finalist photograph, Rebar diagonals.

Thank you to recent buyers!

I’m in catch-up mode again, as I realized today I haven’t thanked some recent buyers. A sale always makes my day brighter, so thank you very much!

1 postcard of “The sensuous iris”

1 postcard of “A painted rose”

1 postcard of “Mardi Gras!”

1 greeting card of “Harley with reflective helmet”

1 art print (extra large, 32″ × 24″) of “Ode to Claude Monet”

Power outage has kept me offline

I’m online for now, but I can’t be sure how long my luck will hold. I am OK, but it will take me a while to catch up.

We had an underground fire and explosion in downtown Long Beach, California, on Wednesday (July 15), and thousands of us have been without power ever since (other than a few spots when power would come back on for a few minutes or an hour). As I write this, power has stayed on for about an hour. I hope it is back on permanently, but even our electric utility company has been unable or unwilling to predict an exact time for permanent restoration of power.