Sales both "real" and "virtual"!

Of course all sales are real if you earn some money from them, but the contrast in my title is about physical sales (tonight’s holiday shopping boutique at my local botanical garden) compared to online sales here at RedBubble. Somehow it all overlapped, as I had the most delightful experience of meeting a fellow RedBubbler (Megan Martin) and her mom tonight, quite a treat!

Sales were good tonight, most especially for my calendar (ordered from/printed by RedBubble), which garnered many comments about the quality of the print reproduction and the luxurious, heavy paper. My greeting cards, also ordered from RedBubble, were a great attraction too and went home with a number of visitors.

Virtual sales of the online kind seem to vary a lot over time, but I am happy at this point with holiday sales. Thanks especially to the person who purchased 20 of my holiday cards (assorted designs, yea!!!), and to those who purchased prints. You have no idea how much encouragement you provide through your purchases!

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