Please welcome my sister to Redbubble

Some of you already know I have a sister (Marylou), and that she is also a photographer. Now you can see her work very easily because she has joined Redbubble and has been very busy adding to her portfolio here.

Marylou lives in Australia (near Brisbane) and is quite the world traveler, as you will see from her photos.

Please visit Marylou’s RB Profile and leave a comment or two to welcome her to the Redbubble community. Thanks!

P.S. I am still scarce on RB, as I am limited to using just my iPad until my new iMac arrives (due on Tuesday the 17th).


  • Bootiewootsy
    Bootiewootsy4 months ago

    Her gallery is stunning.. I am still on very little myself.. Know how it

  • Thank you!

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Joy Watson
    Joy Watson4 months ago

    Thanks for letting us know Celeste. She has wonderful work.

  • Thanks, Joyce!

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Beatrice Cloake
    Beatrice Cloake4 months ago

    I am following Marylou, a superb photographer . It has to be in the genes :)

  • Thank you, Beatrice! I don’t know about photography being in the genes, but others have remarked similarly. :) Our dad was an accomplished amateur photographer.

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Imi Koetz
    Imi Koetz4 months ago

    Very warm welcome, Marylou!!!!!!!!
    I’m looking forward to enjoying your works……..
    All the best

  • Thanks, Imi, I appreciate your welcome.

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • KatMagic Photography
    KatMagic Photo...4 months ago

    . . . off to check her portfolio right now!

  • Thanks very much, Katherine!

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Bette Devine
    Bette Devine4 months ago

    Have done that Celeste :) And already faved a work!

  • Many thanks, Bette! (And yes, I am impatient to have a working computer again.)

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Wrayzo
    Wrayzo4 months ago

    It’s a pleasure to welcome with such a stunning portfolio to Redbubble…I have passed on my best wishes and a couple of group invites….I know you will be really looking forward to getting your new iMac…I love mine…all the best…

  • Thank you for your kindness, Ian. This will be my first iMac, although I’ve had other Macs.

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • bevmorgan
    bevmorgan4 months ago

    Her work is really captivating. I guess it runs in the family, Celeste. I look forward to following her on redbubble.

  • Thanks very much, Bev! Marylou started in photography well before I did. The influence is from our dad, who was a talented amateur photographer.

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Karen  Betts
    Karen Betts4 months ago

    Will go across and have a look at her portfolio in a while. Thank you for pointing us in her direction and look forward to seeing you more on here with your iMac

  • Thanks very much, Karen! I’m looking forward to being more active here again – and to working in Photoshop.

    – Celeste Mookherjee

  • Anita Pollak
    Anita Pollak4 months ago

    That’s great news, Celeste! Marylou’s work is just outstanding (clearly it runs in the family!) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her wonderful work.

    I hope the iMac arrives on time!

  • Thanks very much, Anita! Marylou does indeed do great work.

    Looking forward to the iMac, even as I learn to do more on the iPad. Earlier today I took a photo of my neighbor’s cat using the iPad camera and managed to post it on Facebook (neighbor is away on vacation).

    – Celeste Mookherjee