There were once 5 little girls…Cecily, Tilda, Marigold, Martha and Annie.

They loved to have adventures together and make up stories.
They each had an animal friend that was special to them.

Cecily’s friend was a little chick hatched from an egg she had kept warm herself in a little nest made of collected feathers and moss.

Tilda’s friend was a rabbit, Marigold’s was a faun and annie’s was a song thrush.

And there was a secret nobody knew!
They could talk with their animals and hear their stories too!

You are welcome to join an adventure with Cecily and her friends.


I believe that story is the thing that connects us all. It is the thread of common fibre that we can all relate to on a deep level. The pictures I create come from story. Stories in my own imagination and stories that my girls make up in their play.
Hopefully these illustrations will inspire stories to blossom in the imaginations of the children who look upon them too :)
This is my wish for Cecily’s Song; that it may be sung into a new melody time and time again.

….and a little bit about me :)

Hi, my name is Suzy Mae. I love to draw, paint, create.
I have my own five girls that are my inspiration… as you can see :)
These little friends came to life through simple things, paper, pencils, my own hand and an apronful of stories.

They now have a life all their own!…

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