Painting, sketching, music, and photography are very important to my well being as an individual. My paintings are usually acrylics, watercolors, poster paints, enamels, or a mixture of any and/or all. I’ve always had some form of the arts in my life.
For my photography I use a GE X400 digital camera with a 15x Wide Opital Zoom lens and my Samsung SII.
I have no formal training and am self-taught in all aspects of my artwork, to include my digitally enhanced work. I use Photoshop, Apophysis7x, Picasa, and Publisher.
A number of my works were Commissioned and I notate that in the descriptions.
I am an artist by nature and an Administrative Assistant by neccessity.
As an Administrative Assistant, I design magazine ads, simple webpages (Dreamweaver), flyers, and brochures. My work has included business portraits.
Thanks in advance for any input or constructive criticism.
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Someone bought a Poster!

Thank you so very much to the someone that bought a poster of my work, “Night Terrors, Waking Dreams”! / It is SOOOOOO much appreciated!!!! / I hope you enjoy my work even more when it is up close and personal! :)
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"Juried In" today!!!!

I am very happy to say that I was brave enough to enter my artwork in the Fine Art competition for the SC State Fair this year. My work “Myrtle Beach Pavilion” was “juried in” today. I didn’t win anything but, at least my work will be shown during the entire Fair. I am very pleased. Thanks to all of the artists on Redbubble that have given me words of encouragement t…
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Someone recently bought 2 Posters of my work “Light Falls on Water and Purity”. I truly appreciate the patronage of my work. That makes my month (much more than a day)!!!!!! :)
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My Flag Counter

Added my flag counter today to my Profile page. I’m excited! Can’t wait to see the flags show up (doesn’t take much to excite me, huh).
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