I have an earnest concern for the fallen condition of the world, and the presence of a profound evil that resides upon it. Those who have given themselves to evil are committed to an organized plan, a New World Order. Make no mistake, it is more than a political term. Whether we perceive it or not, the New World plan for global evil is actively destroying everything good and pure that exists. It is a monstrous beast that never tires of shattering the lives of peaceful and unsuspecting people. I am opposed to it and it’s obvious collusion with the federal government. I distrust secret fraternal organizations. The government should fear it’s people, and not the people their government.

Most people don’t want to know just how dark and unstable the world has become. They dismiss the whole idea of evil agendas and organizations, as though neutrality is the rule the elite adhere to. Some of us sensitive types believe the testimonies of the victims of these diabolical groups. I am obligated to use whatever gifts God has given them to expose this present darkness.

Knowledge is power, but there is a vast amount of data out there masquerading as “truth”. The Illuminati believe they are enlightened; their “light” doesn’t make the world a brighter place. Their secret rites and rituals cast a long doleful shadow over our needy world. They follow a false light; one that corrupts character, and loves violence. They may have some pale moonlight; I have always sought out the radiance of the sun.

I’ve always desired to expand and refine my artistic skills technically. Some years ago I had the opportunity to attend The School of Visual Arts in New York City, the most expensive city in the world. By the second year, I ran out of money, and had to come home. I completed my BFA at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk VA. I enjoy lithography and all kinds of printing-making. Hope my work speaks to you.

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