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entry 4

I got out of the hospital ths morn while it was still a little dark. The streets were empty. I took some water and candy with me. Nothing seems to be working. / Well after carefully wandering around, i found a pretty stout piece of pipe. I also found a note taped to a pole asking folks if they want to gather and head towards Stone Mountain. I’ll think about it tonight, but what i have to …
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entry 3

Whoever it was finally gave up. I should stay away from the cafeteria, and maybe get myself some protection. HEY,HELLO!!! Someone is seeing this..with the power out i’m guessing this is getting out over some military web. / Any suggestions? I found some bottled water and protein bars in a busted vending machine. Looks like the hospital was trashed. Should i try to get outside? Its starting …
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entry 2

Maybe no one is out there, to help. The hospital is strangely quiet. I took the backpack and went walking around, to look for other people, but i didnt find anyone. This is getting very wierd. / Oh yeah, my name is Dave and I’m from Atlanta. / I’m going to make my way down to the hospital cafeteria to look for some food. / …..holy crap, i thought i found another person but he pu…
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entry 1

Well i found some clothes down the hall. Not perfect, but theyll work. Theres no one else in the hospital that i can tell. Where is everyone? At least its daylight so i can see. / I found a backpack behind a nurses desk, but what kind supplies should i start gathering? I need some help if anyone sees this. / I found a newspaper that says something about a solar flare maybe frying the electrical g…
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