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Ode to my Dentist - a Haiku

My teeth are shining
x-rays reveal root of all
bank balance decay

Got back from my dentist yesterday and all my workmates say I got ripped.

Have got a slight infection in the gum near my wisdom tooth. Had a descale, two small x-rays, an examination, referral for more x-rays and antibiotics. Got charged $220.

Someone new took over since my husband went there last time when he had x-rays and a tooth pulled for $180.

Now I am booked in for two fillings which I am told will cost $380 to $500 depending on if it takes 1/2 hour or 1 hour (plus more fillings to come). What I really wanted was to get my wisom teeth dealt with as that is what is causing me real pain.

A friend has recommended another dentist who she says is really good and doesn’t overcharge, but as I have had the initial consult should I be looking around? After all the dentist is the expert not me.

Does anyone know if $100 a normal charge for descaling that takes 1/2 hour ? That might give me an idea if I am being totally ripped.

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