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The Phantom, Harry and Me

I’ve been a busy bee of late, just not creatively.

Yesterday I headed into the matinee session of Phantom of the Opera , here in Melbourne. Anthony Warlow’s voice was sooo amazing. If there were such a thing as opera groupies, then I would stand in line for him. Of course, my husband might have something to say about that.

It is surprising, as I wasn’t a fan of the movie version or the songs really, but seeing it live on stage is just a different experience all together. The special effects really brought the whole thing to life and there is something about teetering up some narrow stairs, squeezing past other patrons to perch on the edge of your tiny velvet seat as you gaze down into the depths of the theatre. Ahhh the atmosphere.

The other event at the weekend to celebrate was the release of the seventh Harry Potter book, so after working for 3 hours Saturday trying to catch up after a crappy week, I went to target and bought a copy.

I have read about a 1/4 so far and so far so good, it is fast paced and entertaining. Some very dark goings on have occured already but there is always some comedy to take the edge off of the darkness.

Now how can I get some time off work to spend some more time with Harry?

Call in sick . …..nah I am too dedicated for that.

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