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I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia, I also love playing with mixed media art,...

Playing with Crayons

I have been experimenting with wax crayons and a heat gun. I decided to make a little video and upload it to you tube.

1. Compressed Version of Playing with Crayons quicker to load but more blocky with less detail.

2. High Quality Version of Playing with Crayons higher quality with sharper pictures but first time it loads will be probably be very slow. If your internet connection is anything like mine (and mine is broadband).

Some notes on this art experiment -

1. Melted wax crayons will leave an oily residue on paper so use canvas/ canvas paper.

2. Embossing heat gun will scorch paper if you hold too close too long.

3. Wax is light if you break it into small pieces and watch out for the heat gun blowing it away if you hold it too close – be gentle or use long barbeque tongs.

4. Hot – be careful :)

5. This was soooo much fun to do!!

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